Kerala Ayurveda Retreats in India with Traditional Ayurvedic Treatments

AyurYoga eco ashram in the Mysore district of Karnataka, India is ALL here to relax your stress, make you blissful, detach you from toxins and manage weight with its Ayurveda Retreats. Amidst increased pressures of responsibility and burdens of deadlines, AyurYoga eco ashram brings forth to you an environment of heavenly nature where all the forces come together to bring solace to your body and mind. The serene flow of river Kabini invigorates the unchained walls and decorum of our ashram. The hills in the surrounding bring an ecstasy in the hearts of our ashram. Our ashram provides you various ayurveda retreats where you will witness an unknown but blooming peace in your mind and soul while experiencing the nature.

We provide ayurvedic treatments in India for a period of 14,21 or 28 days, per your choice, where you will get treatments as part of the programme, depending on factors like age, medical condition, Ayurvedic dosha imbalance, which are Swedana, Abhyanga, Pizichil, Shirodhara, Shirovasthi, Thalam, Thalapothichil, Njavarkizchi and Elakizhi which will remove toxins, provide nervous de-stressing and relaxation, nourish the nervous tissues and include full body massage which will help relieve stress with the help of medicinal rice gruel. Also, different retreat programmes like Stress Management therapy and Rasayana Rejuvenation therapy will help in improving Pranic /Blood circulation in your body and in building immune system to fight against strains of modern lifestyle.

With perpetually increasing pollution level and other toxins entering into our body through food, drink, environment, etc, our then peaceful body becomes a host to dysfunctional organs and unwelcomed diseases. To counter this, evolved the ayurvedic panchakarma treatment which provides you with a holistic approach wherein your body will undergo ayurvedic treatments, depending on factors like age, medical condition and doshic imbalance, which are Nasya, Vamana, Virechana, Basti and Raktha Mochana which will include cleansing of five sense organs, blood, colon, enema, intestines in stomach and digestive system with the help of ayurvedic herbs and oils plucked from the pristine Wayanad forest. This retreat comes to you in three forms, i.e., Purvakarma, Pradhankarma and Paschatkarma.

According to us, starvation is not a solution but salvation is one and to provide salvation we have devised Weight Management Therapy retreat for all the individuals facing the problem in managing their weight. The evergreen ayurvedic knowledge imparted by great ancestors in India reveals that the irregularities in a person’s body weight are due to presence of three doshas: Vata, Pitha and Kapha. Obesity and malnutrition are the results of these three doshas. It is true that proper nutrition and regular exercise help maintain one’s body health but unless these doshas are managed well, the diet and workout will not show significant results. In this retreat we aim to increase Pitha (fire) with the help of necessary ayurvedic herbs oils and massages. Increased pitha will increase catabolic metabolism, hence solving the problem. No dietary restrictions will be imposed on the individuals opting for this retreat in comparison to other retreats. Two full course meals and one fruit meal provided for other retreats will be served in this retreat as well.

All these ayurvedic retreats are performed by doctors and therapists hailing from traditional ayurvedic vaidya families or are trained under them in India. All the ayurvedic herbs, oils and medications are obtained from the resourceful lush green forest of Wayanad, as we firmly believe that nature has ample to give the right things, only observing eyes are required. A complete reformation of lifestyle and diet will be witnessed by you at our ashram which will bring new energies and a sense of re-birth in your body and soul. We have devised the lifestyle and diet in concurrence with the invaluable knowledge given to us by our ayurvedic treatment of India. Also, trained instructors will be giving you coaching for practicing yoga and meditation for bringing equanimity between your mind and body.

Our ashram is steadfast to reinvigorate you like a phoenix, filled with positivity and perpetual zeal.

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