Kentiel D White Candidate For 13th Congressional District


rnOn The Road To Re-birthing A New 13th Congressional District”

A Personal Message from Kentiel…

Welcome and thank you for visiting us! We embrace you as we are on a Road To Rebirthing A New 13th Congressional District. The committee to elect Kentiel D. White is working hard to have your voices heard and create action plans. I’m ready to lead the 13th Congressional District into a new direction by implementing a more effective, efficient, and transparent administration.

Thank you,
Kentiel D. White

Kentiel White is seeking to become the next congressman for the 13th district.  He wants to bring change and new ideas to Washington from the great State of Michigan! Mr. White’s background includes a Bachelors and Masters of Science in Criminal Justice Administration from the University of Phoenix. He wants to use the core values he have learned from his personal and professional lives to bring more opportunities to citizens of 13th congressional district by working with the community and being a partner for change.

White wants a minimum wage increase while believing that every hard working Michigander deserves the right to be able to support their family and save for the future. The five point plan includes women’s rights in decisions as it relates to healthcare; To have a moral obligation to protect our seniors and to address homelessness, rising medical costs and in protecting Medicare & Social Security benefits.

Mr. White has worked very hard to help families receive additional resources to support and take care of the elderly. College is valuable, but in today’s economy, a college degree can’t be the only path to establishing the traditional middle-class lifestyle; especially when most Americans have significant student loan debt. Everyone’s voice will count under his administration.

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