Kent Sorensen, CEO of Dita Exchange is Changing How Content is Managed

Dita Exchange “simplifies the way organizations create, manage, deliver, and re-use important content”, and at the center of these innovations is Dita CEOKent Sorensen. Kent is a man of many talents that enhance his great wealth of knowledge on managing organizational change, thanks in no small part to his Masters of Business Administration. Kent is no slouch, holding not one but two Masters Degrees, the other being a Master of Geophysics. 

Before he took the position of CEO at DitaExchange, Kent was already a very successful entrepreneur in the Clean Tech industry, so much so that he was able to sell his most recent venture to a large Danish contractor. Kent’s experiences in the development of this company and the organization of other tech firms allows him to assist other businesses looking to create inroads into new technologies while also focusing on the growth potential that is inherent to these industries. 

One has to wonder if Kent Sorensen‘s background in geophysics plays a role in his success in these sectors, and his great success as CEO of Dita Exchange. Modern geophysics studies are broad and far reaching, not solely focused on the shape of the earth and how plate tectonics impact the formation of volcanoes and the flow of magmas, but also the fluid dynamics of oceans and the water cycle. These systems are complex and seem to be in an ever changing state. Perhaps it was Dite Exchange’s CEOKent Sorensen’s studies of these systems that have allowed him to divine the course of new technologies, and help with the ever changing landscape of the  modern world of content management.

Dita Exchange posits that “information is only valuable if you can find it” and “it’s more valuable if you can re-use it while reducing time spent in authoring.” What good are Cloud solutions if they only solve half of your problem? Perhaps it was CEO Kent Sorensen’s captaining of this ship that led Dita Exchange not only to solve the problems of modern Microsoft software, but to in the end partner with them to make Sharepoint and Office more useful to the end consumer. 

Whether you’re studying and sharing information on the motion of plates making up the Earth’s lithosphere, or the effects of atmospheric conditions on the fluid dynamics of the World’s oceans, you’ll be sailing calm seas due in no small part to Dita Exchange, and of course Dita CEOKent Sorenson.

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