Keep improving and pursue excellence – Huasheng Company

Keep improving and pursue excellence - Huasheng Company
In recent years, Wuxi Huasheng Machinery Co., Ltd. has gained a good reputation in the industry.

In recent years, Wuxi Huasheng Machinery Co., Ltd. has gained a good reputation in the industry. How did it grow up? Today, the reporter will go into Huasheng Company to find out!

Entering the Huasheng office area, the sales department, the technology department, and the after-sales department are meeting together in the conference room to discuss the optimization design scheme of the new hydraulic power system, design technology, and engineering technology, as well as the customer feedback collected by the installation and debugging personnel and the sales department. There is a heated debate on theory and practice. There is such a pragmatic design team, this is a magic weapon for Huasheng Company to win.

Huasheng workshop

Then the reporter began to visit the Huasheng workshop. In fact, the truck was in the loading process. Several loading workers were operating the crane in an orderly way to load the hot press and accessories. The packed products waiting for delivery were stacked neatly on both sides. The whole workshop looked orderly.

There are many machines waiting to be assembled, such as double laminated hot press, furniture board hot press, laminated flooring hot press, customized press, and press production line.

Some customers visited the assembly, metalworking, cold working, welding, laser cutting, and other workshops of Huasheng company together with the reporter. They said with admiration: “the development of Huasheng press is fast and reasonable. From the production management, quality management, and other details of the workshop, as well as the operation proficiency of workers and a large number of precision production equipment, All of these have strengthened our trust in it (this company). If the clients want to order hot press, must order Huasheng press!”

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