Kayndrexsphere Receives Innovation Award at the Corporate Vision-hosted Education and Training Awards 2022

Provider of tech-driven sustainability solutions, Kayndrexsphere, wins the 2022 Innovation Award in Financial Education Technology

The team at Kayndrexsphere has again been rewarded for their exceptional efforts in driving sustainability through technology and financial education as the company recently won the Innovation Award in Financial Education Technology 2022 at the Corporate Vision-hosted Education and Training Awards. Kayndrexsphere aims to build the world’s most interactive financial technology by providing state-of-the-art solutions to assist stakeholders in creating strategies to meet their objectives.

According to a report published by Allied Market Research, the size of the global fintech market was valued at $110.57 billion in 2020. It also projected the market size to hit $698.48 billion by 2030, driven by the omnipresence of technology and innovation helping financial advisors to develop new solutions to meet customers’ financial needs. Despite the amazing figures coming out of the fintech market, a good number of people across the globe are yet to leverage solutions in the industry to improve their financial literacy. Consequently, Kayndrexsphere is looking to make a difference through sustainable financial education.

Kayndrexsphere aims to help people develop the necessary knowledge and skills to have an edge while encouraging conventional wisdom, transforming careers, and empowering stakeholders to transform the way they operate in their various lives. The award-winning financial education solution is designed to link vital financial thinking with technology insights, with programmed learning helping to develop the entrepreneurial mindset for identifying and creating financial opportunities.

Described as ‘pioneers of innovative financial experiences,’ Kayndrexsphere offers financial education to foster global enterprise and social transformation. The features and benefits of the financial education solution offered by Kayndrexsphere that helped to earn the award include gamified learning, timed quizzes, learn-to-earn, programmed learning, multiple-choice questions, and community access. Kayndrexsphere puts virtual learning at the core delivery of financial education, enabling anyone to connect using an internet-enabled device, irrespective of their location worldwide.

For more information about the financial education technology offered by Kayndrexsphere and other solutions provided by the company, visit – www.kayndrex.com. Kayndrexsphere can also be found across several social media platforms, including Facebook and LinkedIn.

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