Kayden: The rise of a legendary generation

Kaiden is an economist and founder of the Midas Touch Institute.He was borned in 1978 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. กัญจนพร สกิดตลิ่ง is his Thai name,holds a PhD in economics from Harvard University and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), a very active scholar in the field of behavioral economics. He received a master’s degree in cognitive psychology from the University of California in 2002. Two years later, he received a PhD in cognitive psychology. Kaiden also received a PhD in economics from Harvard University.

That same year, Caiden was appointed a lecturer in the Philosophy department at Harvard University. Kayden Is a KGI securities technician in 2008, dedicated to studying the international financial market.Master of stock analysis. Around 2008, like most stockholders, he mainly carried out technical analysis and short-term trading. But the fact that he failed in three years. The truth told him that there was no way out.

After that, Kayden began to turn to general trend analysis and macro analysis, which also made Kayden aware of the limitations of general trend analysis. After learning from the painful experience, he decided to gradually dilute the index, studied the stock market with all his strength, and conduct in-depth value analysis.

In addition to a lot of research every day, Kayden insists on reading investment classics, economic management and biographies at night all year round. He often quotes an old saying: if you seek above, you will get middle; if you seek middle, you will find below. In other words, only by broadening your horizons and setting high goals can achieve satisfactory results. By sharing his investment philosophy and experience for a long time, Kayden has grown many loyal fans.Kayden said that investment is a process of lifelong learning and continuous self-challenge. Although too strict stock selection criteria and the pursuit of “margin of safety” will miss some good companies. He said “I have never regretted it.

Investment is inherently a regrettable business, and the long-term solution is to pursue the maximum return on the basis of safety”.


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