Kayak Starved Rock Campground Adds Yurt Tent Sites to Camping Options

Kayak Starved Rock Campground introduces yurt tents for a comfortable and engaging camping experience near Starved Rock State Park.

Kayak Starved Rock Campground, known for its comprehensive outdoor offerings, is set to launch its new Yurt Tent sites, adding a unique option to its glamping services. This addition aims to provide guests with a comfortable and engaging way to enjoy the natural beauty of the area surrounding Starved Rock State Park.

The forthcoming Yurt Tent sites will feature modern conveniences including pre-set yurts equipped with two queen-size air mattresses. This setup is designed to offer visitors a relaxing stay without the typical hassles associated with traditional camping.

“With the introduction of yurt tents, we are expanding our accommodations to cater to the diverse preferences of our guests,” said Janee Matteson, owner of the campground. “These tents are inspired by traditional designs that have proven durable and effective for centuries.”

Yurt tents have a robust structure suitable for various weather conditions, a quality that makes them ideal for the Illinois climate. The design includes a lattice wall and a canvas covering, with a central skylight that allows natural light to fill the space.

The cultural significance of yurt tents is also evident in their design and décor, featuring patterns that reflect the heritage of their origins. This aspect is expected to complement the educational programs offered at the campground, such as guided tours and overnight events that focus on local ecology and conservation.

This new accommodation option is part of Kayak Starved Rock Campground’s broader effort to enhance its camping services, which recently saw the addition of glamping facilities. These facilities are equipped to provide families and novice campers with comfortable camping experiences, including pre-set tents and necessary amenities.

“Our yurt tents represent a practical choice for guests interested in sustainable travel and those who wish to reduce their impact on the environment while enjoying their time outdoors,” Matteson explained. Positioned near Starved Rock State Park and the Illinois River, the campground is ideally located for guests to enjoy activities like kayaking, hiking, and bird-watching.

The campground anticipates that the yurt tents will attract a variety of guests, from those seeking adventure to those interested in learning more about the cultural and natural environment. Reservations for the yurt tents will be open soon, and the campground advises making bookings in advance to secure a place at this distinctive new offering.

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Situated near the historic Starved Rock State Park in Illinois, Kayak Starved Rock Campground offers outdoor activities including kayak rentals and guided tours, and now, yurt tent glamping. The campground is dedicated to providing quality outdoor experiences and promoting environmental awareness.

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