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When you were single you couldn’t wait to find your Prince Charming. When you got married you couldn’t wait to start a family, and when you got pregnant you welcomed the transition from your full time career into motherhood. In what seems like the blink of an eye, your life flashes forward 5 or 10 years and you have been a SAHM (stay-at-home-mama) to 2-3 kids, and if you’re being honest, you miss the thrill and success of your old life. Your career has been sitting in retirement for years and you can hear it whispering your name, taunting you to come back to work…but how? You have kids now! You and your husband agreed you would stay home. Is this even possible?

Kathryn Morrow is the founder of The Six Figure Nap – a high level business coaching program that teaches women with young children at home how to start or grow a business, from home, in just a few hours a day (while your children are napping). The title alone is catchy, but what’s more is that this unique program is making waves all over North America and Australia. With mothers in 3 countries working from home to pursue both their passions – their family AND their career – The Six Figure Nap is quickly becoming an international icon in the business world.

The Six Figure Nap not only brings ideas to life, but these ideas have the potential to make an easy $100K, and according to the client testimonials as published on Morrow’s Facebook page, the Six Figure Nap is amazing and Morrow is a wealth of knowledge in business building, marketing and sales and pours her heart into her clients without sacrificing self-care, marriage and family. “After I had my kids I was committed to finding a way to stay home with them,” says Morrow. She continues, “there are too many women who feel the societal pressure to maintain your professional life after kids, but the truth is women can have both.”

The Six Figure Nap literally does it all. From developing an idea, to producing a wildly successful business part time, and every step in between. With a combination of one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and a digital course, Morrow and her team of coaches at The Six Figure Nap provide support, encouragement, correction, coaching and mentorship to women who are committed to staying at home to raise their young families but who also have the drive and passion to advance other parts of their lives like their personal and professional growth and development.

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