How far are you willing to go for freedom?

Los Angeles, CA – March 19, 2019 – ROCK SALT RELEASING brings ‘NONA’ (2017) to TVOD platforms. Watch on Amazon today: https://amzn.to/2Wcb8vk.

NONA flies by in an hour and a half but somehow manages to encapsulate so much emotional truth and heartbreaking beauty over its short runtime,” wrote Film Threat.

From longtime celebrated Writer / Director / Cinematographer, Michael Polish (Big Sur, Twin Falls Idaho, Northfork), NONA (aka ‘No Name’) is a tale of a young girl from Honduras that journeys a life of independence to one of violent enslavement. Executive produced and self-starring, Kate Bosworth (Superman Returns, The Long Road Home), NONA is a labor of love that brings the important issues of human trafficking and illegal immigration to light.

“This is a tragedy that often falls on the most vulnerable — men and women, but particularly women — from the poorest countries of the world… We thought it was our artistic responsibility to bring this subject matter more into the conversation. The way we know how to do that is to create film,” said Kate Bosworth during an interview with The Lily.

NONA tells the story of a young girl from Honduras, Nona (Sulem Calderon), who meets and is rescued by the charming traveler, Hecho (Jesy McKinney). Desiring to escape the violent life surrounding her, Hecho promises to fulfill Nona’s hopes and dreams: arriving safely in America, where she can be reunited with her mother. Polish captures idyllic and stunning cinematography surrounding the two as they first begin their journey from Guatemala to Mexico. But as Nona gets closer to her new life of family, happiness, opportunity and safety in America, Hecho’s true intentions are revealed as he blindfolds Nona, assaulting and manipulating her into sex trafficking. Nona’s dream of prosperity and happiness is shattered, revealing to audiences the real-life dangers women (and men) face within the dangerous underworld of sex trafficking.

Though cinematically stunning and well captured by Polish, NONA is not a beautiful love story, but rather a dark and intimate thriller. “At the beginning of the movie, her eyes sparkle with the light of a young woman who has dreams of a bright future. After she is taken, the light goes out. There is only darkness, the emptiness of the void,” wrote New York Latin Culture.

The award-winning drama showcases the unbound limits a young girl is willing to go for freedom. And though it may feel like Nona’s experience, it applies to more than just one young girl. “Slavery is not supposed to happen in 2019, but it will continue to happen as long as we participate or look away. Don’t look away. It’s time to open our eyes,” concluded NY Latin Culture.

Open your eyes today, March 19th with the TVOD digital release of NONA, now streaming on inDemand, Amazon, DirecTV, Fandango, FlixFling, Vudu, Vimeo on Demand, AT&T, Hoopla and Sling/Dish. Watch the official trailer here: https://vimeo.com/314149141.

Alongside Bosworth, the human trafficking tale stars up and coming actress, Sulem Calderon (One of the Good Ones, upcoming 2020 Jungle Cruise with Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson) and Jesy McKinney (One of the Good Ones). For press inquiries and exclusive interviews, please contact jenna@tricoast.com

NONA (2017, 91min.) Directed and written by: Michael Polish. Executive producers: Mark Cartier, Lars Anderson, Kate Bosworth, Jennifer Sulkess. Editor: Aidan Haley, Michael Polish. Cinematographer: Michael Polish. USA; Spanish, English dialogue. Make Pictures Productions, Rock Salt Releasing.

PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Make Pictures Productions.


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