Kakeibo bridging the gap between Real Estate and Financial Service Professionals and their clients

Innovative online platform, Kakeibo, aims to ease the process of investing in real estate and the financial sector in general by helping people find reputable real estate and financial services agents

Kakeibo is an online community of everyday people who share their experiences in a bid to help each other find local agents and professionals in the real estate sector, consequently easing the process of making decisions that would not only affect their present situation but also their future financial standing especially after retirement. The community has grown in recent times to become one of the most sought-after sources for ordinary people that need real estate and financial services industry in Ontario and Canada in general.

The real estate and financial markets are two of the most important sectors of any economy. This is so as they entail making decisions that are not only worth millions to billions of dollars, but also affect one’s condition during active service and even after retirement. With millions of people investing their lifesavings in real estate and the financial market, it is imperative that decisions made in this regard are informed to avoid getting one’s fingers burnt. This is where Kakeibo is aiming to be of help to people in these sectors.

The platform is particularly unique as it allows users, with a focus on young adults who are starting to move out, and need to hire these agents to choose their desired agent based on real reviews provided by other customers. Consequently, Kakeibo is not only creating an online community of stakeholders in the financial services and real estate helping each other, but is also becoming a trusted online directory for different service providers including mortgage agents, insurance agents, real estate agents, and financial advisors.

The platform is particularly designed for anyone to get the possible services as opposed to a “family friend,” with Kakeibo’s ease of use and comprehensiveness earning it the title of “Ontario’s most trusted source for connecting you with Real Estate and Financial Service Professionals.” Its uniqueness particularly comes from allowing users to choose the “best” possible local service provider that is not only experienced in their local market but also speaks the language that the customer can easily understand.

Kakeibo contains tons of real estate and financial services professionals such as mortgage agents, insurance agents, real estate agents, and financial advisors with the list regularly updated with new members.

More information about Kakeibo and the services offered can be found on their website. Kakeibo is also available on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

About Kakeibo

Kakeibo.co was founded by Arthur Smelyansky after discovering the challenges of finding reputable real estate and financial services agents while investing in real estate. Consequently, he decided to create an online community where ordinary people can share their experiences to help others find local agents who offer quality services and can even speak their language.

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