Kaasaibeen Smart Home Storage Wins Muse Design Award

In 2024, the honorary certificate of the globally authoritative MUSE Design Award will bring a full sense of recognition and happiness!

Double-sided cloakroom with intelligent lift-won the “MUSE Gold Award”

Intelligent lifting cabinets can be controlled by touch and voice. This type of design can not only reduce the use of space, but also save operating time.

The intelligent lifting storage cabinet uses a super powerful motor to ensure reliable performance in terms of load-bearing capacity and seamless operation.

In addition, the cabinet is made of aluminum and handmade leather. Aluminum has good corrosion resistance and is not easily oxidized by moisture, so it can maintain its appearance and functionality for a long time and can effectively prevent the growth and reproduction of bacteria.

Smart metering storage box (China Red) – won the “MUSE Silver Award”

The bottom of the smart rice box is designed with a funnel, which makes the rice come out smoothly without stagnant rice. The slope-type internal structure keeps the ingredients fresh at all times.

There are measurements engraved on the rice box, which can accurately calculate the capacity of rice grains and ensure the accuracy of the required amount of rice.

The rice box is designed to be embedded in the cabinet. When the rice grains need to be taken out, the user only needs to gently pull out the drawer. This not only facilitates the user’s operation, but also keeps the rice box away from oil smoke and debris, keeping it neat and clean.

It not only facilitates the user’s operation, but also keeps the rice box away from oil smoke and debris, keeping it neat and clean.

Colani Intelligent Lifting Basket-Won the “MUSE Silver Award”

The wall cabinet intelligent storage has 6 area functions: high bottle storage area, long box high bottle storage area, short box storage area, pot lid storage area, hook spatula storage area, chopstick box wet storage area . The height, left and right positions can be adjusted according to needs and freely distributed.

The height of the smart storage cabinet is ≥700, and the width of the cabinet can be customized from 600-900.

An honor, a responsibility, a memory, an inspiration!

Winning this award is indispensable to the hard work of the technical department. Facing complex R&D challenges, handling detailed work tasks, and continuous testing day and night, everyone has demonstrated excellent professional skills and firm determination. We grasp the core of superior technology, continuously iterate product technology, and have strong self-renewal capabilities. The technical team continues to introduce new products, and our product advancement capabilities are updated day by day. On average, we upgrade a product once every 3-5 months, which is far ahead of the technology of our peers. and speed. But in the rapidly changing market environment, we are not satisfied with the status quo, but continue to learn new knowledge and master new skills. By participating in trainings and seminars, I not only improved my own professionalism, but also enhanced the overall strength of the technical team.

After countless days and nights of accumulation and precipitation, we have made steady progress and made great achievements.

Kaisa Beni is committed to building the world’s leading smart storage products and service system, constantly innovating and never ending.

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