JustUS® Founder Receives Business Achievement Award

Stacy Snapp-Killian, CEO and founder of The Justus Love Corporation, has received the prestigious Business Achievement Award from Living the Dream magazine, a Dallas, Texas-based publication.

Living the Dream publisher, Melinda Cooper, known for recognizing business owners for their steadfast leadership, mentorship and dedication to others, announced last week that Snapp-Killian had received the Business Achievement Award for her commitment to creating the first and only multimedia company, currently in the world, designated to talk about surviving sexual abuse.

“Stacy was chosen for the achievement award because of her true passion, which is giving the formation of her business purpose. She is leading others down a great path we have never seen before.” — Melinda Cooper, Living the Dream magazine

The four-page layout featuring Snapp-Killian’s story of sexual abuse recognizes her journey of self-discovery from victim to where she is now. Once dreaming of helping others who were sexually abused, she created the brand JustUS®. She believes her past played an integral role in the development of her company as many people do not recognize that their life purpose is found in their past. While research and development are crucial to the success of all businesses, the Justus Love Corporation believes an energy shift must take place to stop sexual abuse, so the company focuses on the positive traits a survivor’s story offers the public. 

“As individuals who stayed quiet for hundreds of years, and women who were led to believe it’s inappropriate to talk about sex at all, finally, we are breaking through the shame and sharing our stories of sexual abuse. I am grateful and honored to have been chosen for this award, but it’s a team effort, and the individuals (survivors) telling their stories to me deserve all the credit. Without these heroes, I’d only have my story to share,” says Snapp-Killian.

Also known as “celebrity hairstylist StacyK,” the 26-year veteran in the beauty business has authored two books: “Be Beautiful Being You”and “The Ten Character Commitments.” She is a part of the Women’s Leadership Movement, the 2017 “Women That Soar” Community Outreach recipient, and one of the 100 World Changers recently selected for her intent on moving the world forward with her new branding concept created for sexual abuse survivors.

About The Justus Love Corporation

The Justus Love Corporation is an American multimedia company helping those on a mission to stop sexual abuse by sharing their story, and exposing sexual abuse suppression™. The corporation unites “informative, inspirational individuals™” with lifestyle and leadership goals. Its philosophy remains: “Our Words Give Life!”

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