Just Released – Placements Playbook by Chirag Singhal, Praveen Saran, Siddesh Choudhary, Rajat Kadam & Vedarth Choksi

Just Released - Placements Playbook by Chirag Singhal, Praveen Saran, Siddesh Choudhary, Rajat Kadam & Vedarth Choksi
Placements Playbook – Art and Science of Cracking Placements

Placements Playbook is written by a group of 5 IIT Bombay Alumni and is published by White Falcon Publishing. It is a comprehensive guide to cracking placements. Through this book, they are making an effort to help the future generations to prepare for placements by providing deep insights, rich frameworks and relevant information across various topics ranging from resume making to case solving.

The five authors have gone through the challenging placements at IIT Bombay and felt that there were gaps in the preparation process. They noticed that a lot of knowledge is transferred peer to peer and is not documented, resources are not always relevant in the indian context and most of the resources are fragmented or incomplete. Hence, a lot of time is spent on non-productive things such as searching for quality content and reaching out to seniors. This book is created to bridge each of these gaps.

The vision behind writing this book is to provide students with a low-input high-output solution for non-core placements. All the topics have been covered in a concise yet exhaustive manner. The authors have covered the placement process end to end, ranging from how to write an impactful sentence in your resume to the nuances of body language during an interview and everything in between. This book formalizes and documents the knowledge that has been shared in the student community over the years.

Following are the topics covered in this book:

Resume Making: All the nuances involved in making an appealing resume from ‘use of strong action verbs’ to ‘formatting the resume’ have been covered.

Group Discussion & HR Preparation: The different types of GDs and how to tackle specific situations one might come across have been covered. Various frameworks and explanations to all the important questions such as “Walk me through your resume”, “Tell us about your internship experience”, “Introduce yourself” and other frequently asked HR questions have been discussed in depth.

Cases & Guesstimates: The authors have used first principles to define all the terminologies and key concepts associated with case solving from a layman perspective. Concepts have been laid down with an in-depth analysis of a guesstimate, covering preliminary questions, structure and overall approach.

Aptitude & Puzzles: Important aptitude concepts have been covered in a concise manner and reinforced through example problems essentially acting like a crash course in aptitude.

Mindset for Placements: In this section, the authors have discussed how to face challenging scenarios that one usually comes across while preparing for placements while staying positive and confident.

The book is available on Amazon, Flipkart and WFP Store.

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