Just For Heals, Freedom from Foot Pain

The feet is one of the most easily neglected part of the body, but a very sensitive one. Just For Heals is the product designed to help lessen the stress that faces the feet.

People in general, including the well-groomed ones, neglect one basic part of their anatomy: their feet. This means that they aren’t kind to their own feet. The Foot Fairy, LLC recently released a product – Just For Heals. Just For Heals is a spray that dries quickly on the feet. The product consists of essential moisturizers that lessen the pain of wearing ill-fitted shoes to a large extent. Problems connected with the foot are often the first symptoms to grave medical conditions like diabetes, arthritis, circulatory or nerve disorders.

“The effect of this wonder remedy lasts for around four hours, making it possible the wearing of those sexy pumps to a party, without the troublesome painful sensation that prevents a woman from enjoying herself,” says Lonya Caldwell, “One can carry it wherever one goes, and during a whole day period, it can be used four times, by doing a touch up whenever the pain returns, thus making the feet extremely comfortable.”

She said further, “Of course The Foot Fairy will unleash a whole line of pedicure products, but Just for Heals is their flagship product. By Just for Heals, we hope to have a good lineup of modern foot care, by producing pedicure products of salon quality for the benefit of the fashion conscious woman. The product is not messy such as the tub or tube, as it is much more than an ordinary foot-balm that costs a deal and doesn’t do any good.”

Recent studies conducted by the College of Podiatry reveals that 90 percent of people experience some type of foot problem or other, with 20 percent admitting to frequent and severe foot pain. Under the circumstance, the product Just for Heals by Foot Fairy takes on added significance.  

About The Foot Fairy

The Foot Fairy is a company established to do something about the problems connected with the feet, particularly women’s feet. Many spend large amounts of money to buy the very latest in shoes, but if these don’t fit, it can become painful or at least uncomfortable. Besides, people grow older, the size of feet increases resulting in the need for new shoes with a larger size, but many are not aware of this, creating problems. So we have found a way for women to wear their highest heels, without going into convulsions of pain by means of a product: an innovative spray Just for Heals.

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