JUCENO The Fashion Influencer Achieving the New Heights in The Fashion Industry and Influencing the World with His Creativity

USA – August 15, 2022 – Julius Williams “The JUCENO” is one of those rare personalities who authenticated the perception of the world about the one-man multi-talented personality, JUCENO is wondering the world and creating a foot mark for the coming generations how to get the success that you ever dreamed. JUCENO is the veteran military personnel aims to influence the world by his fashion and owns a well-known brand “BOGGIE APPERAL” and “Boogie Luxury”.

JUCENO says,

“I just want people to buy my clothes and enjoy them.”

JUCENO was very passionate about the fashion industry and always wanted to change the way of fashion industry through his designs although he never wanted to make fashion is his profession however, his passion towards the fashion blown up the youth in his own style and JUCENO is become the fashion icon in the USA. JUCENO social media following depict his liking and appreciation towards the people of USA, Europe, and Asia. His Instagram account known among one of the most fashion influencers of the world.

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JUCENO has featured in many fashion magazines as a fashion symbol. He is just not a fashion designer and influencer but an entrepreneur, an actor, a motivational speaker, and a vlogger. JUCENO has the most diversified personality and established a successful empire in every walk of life, where he wanted to mark his feet.

JUCENO, this great influencer for the youth was born in Queens, New York, and has built a successful career in many diversified walks of life. He empire consist of Boogie Luxury, Boogie Apparel, DABUZZZ media.  JUCENO loves to share his journey with the people to influence them in achieving what they dream to be. He records his travel vlog on his YouTube channel in these vlogs he shares the cross-cultural experiences including foods, famous cultural and interesting locations, and lots of entertainment material from all around the world. 

JUCENO promotes the culture of self believe as he never followed the path where everyone is going in fact he established his own empire by his own creativity, passion dedication and “can do” attitude. This is the reason he is become the role model for many of the people as a successful fashion designer despite of being a military man. JUCENO owns different fashion brands in the US and his vision is to spread his fashion creativity in every mall all over the world within a period of 5 years. 

JUCENO believes in this philosophy,

“It does not get easier, you get better”.

JUCENO wants everyone to be successful as JUCENO in this regard he decided to initiate a podcast. The “grind with a 9-5 podcast”, the aim behind this podcast and his effort to guide and influence many of the new entrepreneurs who have creativity, enthusiasm and want to do something big but due to non-availability of proper guidance they left behind. In The “grind with a 9-5 podcast” he shares his success stories and experiences along with him he also invites different influencing personalities, businessmen and media faces and conduct a discussion share their experiences for the benefits and interest of every individual who wants to become successful and win the world by his creativity and ideas. 

“As a creator we all are different, so make sure you stand out.”

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