JSC Enterprises answers “Why is my the conditioner running but not cooling the house?”

JSC Enterprises answers "Why is my the conditioner running but not cooling the house?"
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Everyday people search on google for “Why is my air conditioner running but not cooling the house?” Steve Cassell of JSC Enterprises, an ac repair contractor in McDonough to tell us what a possible culprit could be.
So why is my air conditioner running but not cooling the house?
Steve Cassell of JSC Enterprises, tells us: “It is most likely that your condenser is clogged. You may or may not know that your central a/c system has an outdoor condenser unit.  The outdoor condenser unit contains a big outside coil. It is  made up of many thin metal slats. Now here is the thing, if the outdoor condenser coil is blocked it can be causing your air conditioner to run but not cool off the inside of the house.”
What could cause this to happen?
Steve continues, “Overgrown grass and grass clippings from mowing the lawn can easily clog the coil by getting stuck in-between the fins. Additionally, fire ants could also be a problem. We have seen fire ants build a mound right next to an air conditioner pad. The dirt from the mound can clog the coils.”
Is this a DIY repair to unclog a dirty air conditioner coil?
Steve tells us, “It depends. Sometimes it can be done with a garden hose. Other times you may need an AC repair technician to take the condenser cover off and clean it out properly.”
Preventive maintenance is the key here.
  • Clean the area around the ac unit including weeds, trash and grass clipping removal. If a yard blower is used then point the blower away from the air conditioner unit.
  • Additionally, spray the yard for fire ants to prevent mounds.
  • Furthermore, use a garden hose to clean the condenser regularly. Make it part of the yard maintenance routine.
  • Finally, hire a licensed air conditioning expert to do an annual heating and air tuneup on the system.

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