Jovani Presents Its Prom Dresses Collection in LA

Jovani LA is offering a 30% off on its entire collection, including Prom Dresses

Already started on March 2nd and lasting until today, March 12th Jovani a premier designer and tailor of women’s apparel is offering its biggest sale of the year. Only in the JOVANI LA stores, the firm is offering a 30% off to all models including prom dresses, evening and formal wears.

As the company states: “We want to give to all people that love Jovani the opportunity of buying the right dress for every occasion, without the burden of the high price. We want to start from LA, as the energy and vibe that this city provides reflects our designing style and our vision on fashion”.

The promo started a few days ago, has already registered sales record for the company with the trend reaching its peak over the weekend (March 10th and 11th). And considering this success, likely the Jovani team will launch a similar promo campaign in New York – the city where the brand was born – even though the company has not yet stated anything official in this regard.

Spring/Summer 2018 – what to expect from the fashion world  

It’s time for fashion addicts to discover what the latest trends are. 2018 is a promising year in terms of major changes, so a forecast would be gladly received by the audience. Fashion can dramatically change in the blink of an eye, transforming older trends into new ones, bringing unexpected combinations to light and so on. The fashion’s future is certainly difficult to predict, but ideas roam out there at all times. Most fashion houses already made public what they expect from the current year, especially when referring to the spring/summer season. 2018 is all about visuals, the way designers use colors and patterns, innovation, open-mindedness and tolerance.

This is a year of fiery femininity – fashion stories are now promoting all types of bodies, skin tones, faces. Diversity and acceptance are two concepts that work well with the fashion world at the moment. Criticism is now less visible than in the past few years, giving fashion houses the possibility to fully express themselves without worrying about opinions.

Here are the trends you should expect to see this season:

Psychedelic and tropical patterns

You probably noticed that most fashion designers are now using patterns that really catch people’s attention. Psychedelic patterns are popular in the fields of art and music, so fashion decided to adopt them as well. These patterns are all about manifesting the mind at its full capacity. Psychedelic patterns include lots of colors, abstract designs, glitchy effects – a courageous combination of all elements that seem to fit this category.

As for tropical, you surely saw the same trend a while back, when fashion houses used tropical designs for their collection. The only difference is the colors are bolder and daring. But what if both patterns would be combined? The fashion world defines the term as psycho-tropical and it refers to a hyper-realistic perception of nature. Synthetic colorways are the main attraction of spring/summer 2018.

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