Joule Healthy Co. Steps Up to Provide Nutritious Meals for Frontline Fighters

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Tehran, Iran – Today Aylar Macky, CEO of Joule Healthy Co. announced that they will be stepping up as the first Healthy Meal Prep company in the Middle East region to provide nutritious meals for frontline fighters of hospitals whom have been running long hours and consuming barely any nutritious meals over the last two months whilst fighting the COVID-19 virus in the frontlines. This decision was made by Macky as she was informed of the meal conditions of the country’s doctors and nurses, eating cold cut sandwiches day after day to avoid depleting the limited supply of surgical gowns which have come of a huge shortage in the country. To keep the medical teams from frequently changing out of their sterilized gowns, they are pushed to eat cold cut sandwiches while walking or standing and avoid bathroom breaks during their long 12-18-hour shifts. Meals provided by Macky’s company will help to provide the needed and highly lacked nutrition to the frontline medical teams dealing with Corona Virus patients, as well as boost their immune systems in the fight against COVID-19. 

Considering the lack of medical equipment and gear currently faced by hospitals in the country this may be one of the only ways to help frontline fighters keep their health and continue to fight with a strengthened immune system. These foods will provide the needs, nutrition’s, and energy required for the medical staff to feel reenergized and ready to combat COVID-19. 

The company’s CEO has added “This is a not-for-profit movement that requires donations and help of the entire nation; everyday people, organizations, other companies and government and well as influencers are encouraged to step up and help enable the Joule team to provide these meals on a continues basis to assure consistency of the production.” Joule has launched a campaign involving social media influencers and the country’s top celebrities in order to aid in engaging a bigger audience for this fund raising effort. Macky later added, “As COVID-19 attacks the human immune system, those who have a strong immune system will have an increased chance of not contracting the virus and an even higher probability of survival if diagnosed.”

Macky’s company has helped over two dozen Corona Virus diagnosed patients recover from the disease by strengthening their immune systems and adjusting their diets over the past 2 months. 

About Joule Healthy Co.:

Joule Healthy Co is Iran’s first natural food meal prep company delivering over one thousand meals per day. Founded by Aylar Macky in 2016, The company has helped over 10 thousand people in gaining control of their health issues such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, various types of depression and cancers, as well as the Novel Corona Virus of 2019. The company’s production strategy is to only use natural foods based on a PALEO Diet, and eliminating artificial and refined sugars, preservatives, and processed foods. Joule Healthy Co is the official diet provider to the biggest names in the country such as, Homayoon Shajarian, Niki Karimi, Bahram Radan, Hedieh Tehrani and many more superstars.

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