Josue Daniel creating online entrepreneurs with Exclusive Instagram Training

Digital marketing expert and Guinness world record holder, Josue Daniel Peña Martinez, offering exclusive Instagram training to help businesses grow offline and online

Josue Daniel is a digital marketing expert that has seen it all and done it all in the world of internet marketing, becoming a world record holder for being part of the biggest game of bubble soccer that he got invited to because of his huge social media following and influence. As part of his contribution to the society and in a bid to help businesses and other such users of the internet get more from their social media presence, Josue is organizing an exclusive Instagram training where he reveals the secrets of dominating social media and becoming an influencer on the space.

The internet has grown to become a source of information and practically a bible to millions of people across the globe. The advent of internet marketing has helped businesses across the globe to reach their target audience without necessarily breaking the bank. Social media marketing has been described by marketing experts as one of the most effective ways of reaching and engaging with customers, one of social media platform that has continued to grow in recent times is the image-oriented Instagram.

Josue is consequently helping businesses grow and monetize their brand using social media, with a focus on Instagram, while also teaching effective SSM strategies and influencers with his Instagram Masterclass.

Josue is unlike many online CEOs, as his works speak for him, having more than 4.5million followers across multiple pages in different industries, niches, and languages. His simplicity and readiness to help others especially persons that want to harness the immense benefits of a strong online presence have earned him accolades from different quarters. He also worked with several celebrities including the likes of Ronaldinho, as well as appearing on several TV shows, podcasts, and magazines.

In addition to his Instagram Masterclass training, the digital marketing expert is also offering free guide titled “Crushing it on Instagram,” for people to get started and help them grow to their first 100k followers. He also has a YouTube channel that grants access to more free training videos, tutorials, and other such content.

Josue’s success story and achievements against all odds beat most people’s imagination considering that they all come from a poor third world country, Dominican Republic.

More information about Josue can be found on the website, Facebook, and Instagram

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