Joshdifferent, musician from Philadelphia encourages self-awareness.

Joshua Blackwell, known as Joshdifferent on social media platforms it’s very adamant on self-awareness. For the last couple years Joshua has been studying personality disorders, human psychology, narcissism, and spirituality. After speaking of multiple times about coming from a dysfunctional family which may possess Cluster B personality disorders which led to dating a cluster B woman for years on in. Joshdifferent is so adamant on people learning more about generational curses, advocating for healing and even offering online courses. 

Joshdifferent’s release of “CHILDHOOD Trauma” in June, 2022 on Spotify, is a musical representation speaking on healing from you’re childhood in an art form. Many fans relate to this After posting this song  on TikTok. Later and early August, 2022 Joshdifferent released “smiling in ya face”, which talks about friends or family being fraudulent. Both songs released on this topic of becoming self-aware and healing display to different emotions of love and care and anger which is all a part of the process of healing.

On a vlog on YouTube, Joshdifferent speaks about people not wanting to speak out about narcissism. It is not yet confirmed Weather peoples intentions are to avoid the topic. Narcissism is considered to be a small percentage of the population although most narcissist don’t seek therapy. All and all, Joshdifferent’s goal is to help people become more self-aware and educated as well as healing from their childhood trauma. 


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