Josh Hicks’ Simba 7 Logistics Mastery Course 2.0 Helping People Build Strong Virtual Financial Future

Josh Hicks' Simba 7 Logistics Mastery Course 2.0 Helping People Build Strong Virtual Financial Future
The complete Simba 7 Logistics Mastery Course 2.0 is what an entrepreneur needs to become a master in virtual truck driver recruiting (Logistic Placement Brokering) and grow a lucrative agency. The business is recession and pandemic proof, ensuring that agencies can keep making brokered placements no matter the economic situation.

Josh Hicks is pleased to announce the release of his new Logistic Mastery course for small to medium size trucking companies wanting to build their own recruiting machine, small business owners looking for additional revenue streams, and entrepreneurs looking for an opportunity that is viable, evergreen, recession-proof and unsaturated allowing them to learn the business of how to recruit drivers while building an agency of their own. Initially, pre-COVID-19 Josh had multiple courses that students would graduate into while paying additional entry fees for each course. For the first time, Josh has put everything together in his Logistics Mastery Course 2.0, making it available for everyone at a one-time entry fee, giving them lifetime access to the master course, coaching, and support.

The course can be taken virtually anywhere that has internet, and it teaches anyone how to start a Logistic Placement Brokering Business from the comfort of their homes. The step-by-step and in-depth training is easy to follow and implement, so much that anyone can do it. Check out the free short-film overview to see what people are doing and say about this new program. 

Every module and chapters of information in the Simba 7 course is based on data and analytics from years of experience in the logistics and recruitment industry. Students who have taken the training have been able to build a viable virtual evergreen business that has been able to create financial time and money freedom.

Today, many truck companies find it hard to get the right truck drivers for their business because of how drivers now realize it does not benefit them to go straight to a biased trucking company when searching for the best truck driving job. This growing problem leads to many trucking companies struggling to keep their trucks filled and eventually shutting the doors due to not being able to satisfy their shipper’s needs, organically increasing the demand for new placement brokered placements. 

Being an expert in sales and recruiting within the logistics sector, Josh Hicks has identified the steps to eliminate most of the pains trucking companies are experiencing. Josh applies this knowledge to training individuals and companies, allowing them to create a lucrative truck driver recruiting agency that can offer a truck driver a service that no one trucking company can provide without adopting his model. After taking the courses, the individuals getting the coaching, support, and then combining it with modern technology platforms when making successful recruits have helped truck companies get the best drivers and truck drivers to get the best trucking companies while getting compensated very well in the process.

The Simba 7 Logistic Mastery Course is complete with all the details needed for anyone to start a lucrative virtual truck driver recruiting business and become an independent truck driver recruiter agent or agency. There are no significant expenses as it has been developed to grow from a shoe-string budget model, and as candidates scale, they’ll find that marketing costs are their most significant expense. To effectively run this business, candidates will need a computer, phone, internet, the Logistics Mastery Course training, around a few hundred dollars to market initially, and then the discipline to get up and apply what has been learned to start building a successful business. Once done with the course, students can begin recruiting immediately, grow their business, and master their agency. 

Josh is a renowned teacher in the logistics field who works to create excellent courses that have already changed millions of people’s lives. Virtual businesses like Amazon FBA, dropshipping, MLM’s, and e-commerce are so saturated it is nearly impossible to find success. Josh focuses on unsaturated and uncapped opportunities while designing courses to teach small business owners, entrepreneurs, and trucking companies how to grow their business and income when knowing how to master sales, quality lead generation, branding, and the art of recruiting efficiently and effectively. He provides a real business-in-a-box model templated to individuals who are just getting started and those with extensive experience. 

The Simba 7 Logistics Mastery Course 2.0 by Josh offers a unique opportunity for virtual entrepreneurs or small business and brick and mortar companies. This business model and industry allow people to have more time freedom and more financial freedom, essentially helping them scale a viable business. Josh provides ongoing support along the journey to his students when training and coaching weekly, connecting with their dedicated support teams and allowing them to have access to all new and updated materials, modules and chapters to his course for a lifetime membership. After completing and gaining certification from his Logistics Mastery Course 2.0, Josh gives all his students the option to contract day-one under the Simba 7 umbrella to start hiring for several of his Fortune 500 clients. Doing this allows individuals to apply the skills they have learned, allowing them to make income with their business within the first few weeks of opening the doors. 

Throughout the course, training, and coaching, his support helps students stay motivated and maintain confidence that they are on the right track when building their pipeline and business. The opportunity has allowed individuals to bypass the standard learning curve and, ultimately, let them start effectively applying the training within the first week.

To sign up for the Simba 7 Logistics Mastery Course and start the journey of building a viable, evergreen business, please visit

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