Joseph J Tramontana releases new book, “Street Smart Finance for School Board Members”

Former School Business Administrator, Joseph Tramontana, announces the release of his new book titled “Street Smart Finance for School Board Members,” where he teaches school finance to school board members, parents, and general citizens.

Joseph J Tramontana is a former School Business Administrator and Human Resources Director with vast experience in School Administration and Finance.

Mr. Tramontana recently announced his book release where he breaks down the complicated subject of School Finance in an easy to understand language, allowing Board Members and Citizens to have a good understanding of a complicated topic.

Street Smart Finance is targeted at School Board Members and average citizens. “There is a big void between what Board Members know and what the Administration knows. This helps to close the gap”, said Tramontana.

The former School Business Administrator from Hamilton, New Jersey decided to write the book after he gave a budget presentation to retired teachers and union leaders. His explanation of their district’s financial condition was easy to understand and took the attendees by surprise. Consequently, Joseph Tramontana decided to write the book and simplify the complexities associated with School finance.

Street Smart Finance cuts to the heart of the matter.  What is left out is just as important as what is included. You can get bogged down by analysis by paralysis and not do anything. However, if you water the data down too much, it becomes irrelevant, said Tramontana.

The book compares real-world finances like mortgage payments, monthly food bills, and college tuition to school district’s budgets; so board members, parents and citizens can independently analyze their own school district and determine if the district is improving or declining financially.

Some of the many question board members will be able to answer after reading the book include “Is the Financial Condition of my School District improving or declining and why? Can my constituents afford public education in the town where they reside?

The book also analyzes the financial condition over time (3 to 5 years), so Board Members and citizens can pick up trends, ideas and understand the underlying issues.

About Joseph Tramontana

Joseph Tramontana is a former school business administrator with over two decades of executive-level experience in the public sector, including central office positions in one of New Jersey’s largest school districts. He currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer at On-Point Education where he performs detailed financial analysis. Joseph currently resides in Hamilton, NJ with his lovely wife Cathy and their dog Tiffany.

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