Jose Valles Creates As a Unique Retail Site

The Pioneering Site Focuses on the Price Going Down While Ensuring Secure Transactions

January 23, 2018 –  was formed in October 2017 when Jose Valles and his partner launched the retail portal. The site has quickly grown in prominence as it currently has about 13,000 products available for sale. These products are found in various categories including fashion, technology, jewelry and sporting goods. The products are diverse and easy to search through. The selection will surely grow as Press Buy continues to evolve.

Jose Valles came up with the Press Buy concept as a means of establishing a distinct solution. With Valles’ idea, the price would always go down. This is the polar opposite of what people regularly see on retail sites.

The Press Buy transaction process was designed by Valles with a pioneering setup. With this, a person uploads a product and then sets a selling price and minimum price. The time for getting the product posting would be included as well.

The buyer will not know the minimum price of the product. As the value of the product declines, the buyer will continue to watch for what happens. The buyer will always be looking for the lowest price on something. This ensures that buyers will stick with the site to watch for how the value of something might go down after a while.

Valles also designed a new way to ensure that customers are not tricked in their sales. He created a setup where the buyer certifies when an order is to be shipped. The seller will then send a message out when that person receives something. This in turn gives the buyer one’s money simply because the seller actually has the product. Optional shipping tracking features can be used too.

Press Buy was designed by Jose Valles to be an escrow of sorts. This keeps the transaction being handled safe and protected at all times.

Press Buy is aiming to produce a better online commerce solution. This entails something where people can potentially save big on what they are ordering. This is all made with a secure platform as well, ensuring that all transactions handled online are as secure and controlled as possible.

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Jose Valles – Inventor’s Background

Jose Valles started his career in cyberspace by launching the portal Olé, one of the portals to the Internet of Terra. Olé.es, was the Spanish portal acquired in March 1999 by Telefónica (owner of Terra), became one of the seven or eight largest websites in the world, leading the audience in Spanish-speaking and developing countries, which lead to specific versions in Argentina, Chile and Peru.

The financial engineering designed by him and his partners allowed them to be enriched by the IPO. This was a major innovation at the time and had a great impact in the internet/web industry. Olé is the product of the vision of Pep Valles who is compared to bill Gates in Spain for his contributions of major significance in the field. Vallés developed it in a kindergarten and sold it to Telefónica.  

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