Jon Sadler launches new book, In the Midst of the Storms: A Story of Trauma, Faith and Hope

Jon Sadler launches new book, In the Midst of the Storms: A Story of Trauma, Faith and Hope
Gifted writer and author, Jon Sadler is elated to announce the launch of his new book, In the Midst of the Storms: A Story of Trauma, Faith and Hope.

In the Midst of the Storms is an incredible love story based on the real-life events of two people struggling with brain injuries; the woman from a stroke and the man from seizures and surgery, and their remarkable recoveries along with their becoming neighbors. Their life experiences lead them to work in similar ministries to bring hope to others, and to reinforce each other’s spiritual faith. They now endure the stress from the unknowns of epilepsy, the stigmas that accompany the condition, along with facing the traumas of the past and present.

Jon Sadler (1959-present) has lived with epilepsy since he was four-years-old. His book “Sailing through the Storms of Seizures,” inspires hope, through real life experiences, to help eliminate the stigmas caused by the fear and the misconceptions of epilepsy. 

The various types of seizures, the impact to family, friends, and career, and struggling with the unknowns of seizures are covered. First aid for the caregiver, and what to consider when helping someone struggling with epilepsy or brain injury is included. Graduate school to become a counselor was part of Jon’s recovery from brain surgery. The demands of the program required his brain to rewire, enabling him to share his experience. It has received the highest ratings from US Review of Books and Pacific Book Review.

Jon Sadler’s new book has elicited rave reviews from its readers. ”I thoroughly enjoyed this book, AND could not put it down! As the subtitle states, it was a beautiful story of trauma, faith and hope and also a beautiful love story divinely inspired and leaves one wondering til the final page how it all turns out. Beautifully written, my heart was left wide open upon the pages of this book.” — Kolb.

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