John Jay Announces the Launch of His Album That Takes Listeners Through the Highs and Lows of Life

The artist makes use of music to tell human stories that are both relatable and intriguing

Effervescent and dynamic gospel, pop and R&B artist, John Jay, announces the release of his highly anticipated 3rd full length pop album which is a follow up to his 2020 R&B release, Emergency Exit. His soul piercing and melodious sound, and the inclusion of real-life stories in the album, delivers a breathtaking body of work that is difficult to ignore. In discussing his purposes for the composition and delivery of this album, John Jay said: “As someone who grew up listening to different types of music, I want people to have the same feelings or even better when listening to my music”.  

Music lovers and especially fans of current pop and R&B music will certainly find a song that captures their present experiences in the album. Some of the featured songs in John Jay’s album include; Sam, which is a heart wrenching composition about domestic violence, and the struggle of victims to get out of a toxic relationship. Say It Tell Me and Mender Man turns up the heat, as both songs are timeless romantic declarations of love, adoration, healing, and restoration for anyone who has been hurt in their past relationships.

Alien is the sound that brings in the drama, with the beginning of the song painting a vivid picture of loneliness. This is a song that is close to the heart of the artist as John Jay wrote the first half of the song while going through several personal challenges. He was only able to finish the song after nearly 5 years and offer relief from an honest perspective. Ha Ha, Them and The Selfie Song are the bright and vibrant melodies that the writer uses to express the joys of being single vs the joys of being in a relationship in the former, while the latter is a silly song about not being able to get the right angle while taking a selfie, alongside a catchy chorus that listeners can both relate to humorously and sing along to.

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John Jay is a gospel/pop/R&B artist who has been nominated for several awards and has toured with one of the contemporary Grammy nominated artist.

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