Jiva Medical and Research Centre (Jiva MRC) – Authentic free of cost consultation is just a phone call away

  • World’s first and largest Ayurvedictelephonic consultation center
  • More than 1 million people reached across 1500 town and cities in India
  • Provides consultation to more than 6,000 patients daily

Ayurveda, the world’s oldest science of healing, is not just any other form of treatment available in the market. It is a way of life that guides us on how to listen to our bodies and read the signals of distress to maintain good health and make our lives more balanced, productive and contented.

Jiva Ayurveda specializes in treating a variety of so called incurable disease like hypertension, diabetes, migraine, heart disease, asthma, obesity and more. The repercussions and the sufferings of various chronic disorders can be mitigated to a certain extent through personalized herbal medications and a strict diet and lifestyle regimen, believes Dr. Partap Chauhan.

Jiva Ayurveda, the leading Ayurveda treatment organization, works with the mission of taking authentic Ayurveda to every home. Jiva Medical and Research Centre reaches out to patients in small towns and villages providing them with authentic, affordable and high-quality Ayurvedic treatment and medicines at their doorsteps.

Jiva Medical and Research Centre has 300 professionals on board, including Ayurvedic doctors, assistants, tele-service agents, data entry operators, and supervisors. Our team of doctors has been personally handpicked and trained by Dr. Partap Chauhan, one of the country’s most renowned Ayurvedacharyas.

Jiva Ayurveda offers personalized consultation for the treatment of incurable diseases and lifestyle disorders including diabetes, arthritis, stress, migraine, high blood pressure, skin diseases, cancer, asthma, spondylitis, allergies, hair loss and obesity, among others.

Established in 1996, the Jiva Medical and Research Center (JivaMRC) is the largest and first-of-its-kind Ayurvedic Medical and Research Centre in the world. The centre is dedicated to the mission of creating a happy and healthy society by integrating ancient Vedic knowledge with modern technology. Initiated with Jiva’s vision to ‘take Ayurveda to every home,’ the Jiva MRC provides authentic Ayurvedic consultation to patients all over India.

While most healthcare service providers are focused on serving the urban population, Jiva specializes in serving the urban as well as rural community in the remotest areas in the country. With a vision to provide sustainable, affordable and authentic Ayurvedic treatment and medicines to every home, Jiva Ayurveda provides high-quality, customized treatment services, and doorstep delivery of medicines and products. Jiva MRC provides free consultation over the phone to patients in over 1500 cities, towns and villages in India. One can speak to an Ayurvedic doctor by calling the Jiva Medical & Research Centre at +91-129-4040404 (9 am – 9 pm IST, any day of the week).

Jiva Ayurveda operates 53 Ayurveda clinics (including 13 clinics in U.P.) spanning over 13 states in India. Recently, the company has brought together a special team of doctors who will be dedicated to providing special diabetes consultation to patients at the Jiva MRC in Faridabad. Apart from this Jiva Ayurveda also has an international presence as they provide Ayurveda support to patients suffering from chronic problems in collaboration with international institutions in Poland, Japan, US and Lithuania.

About Dr. Partap Chauhan

Dr. Partap Chauhan, Director of Jiva Ayurveda is an internationally renowned expert in this field of medicine. A silver medalist from Delhi University, Dr. Chauhan has travelled to more than 20 countries spreading the goodness of authentic Ayurveda. His educational TV shows command a huge fan following and have made authentic Ayurvedic treatments available to millions of homes across India. He is also the recipient of the Best Ayurvedic Physician Award from Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, former President of India.

About Jiva Ayurveda

Jiva Ayurveda focuses on delivering high quality Ayurvedic treatment for chronic and lifestyle diseases such as arthritis and other joint and bone disorders, digestive ailments, diabetes, hypertension, gynecological and skin problems, which are usually incurable with westernmedicine. Jiva Ayurveda reaches out to more than 25,000 patients every month through its Medical & Research Centre and Clinics. JivaMedical & Research Centre, Faridabad, Haryana is a first-of-its-kind health center in the world with more than 300 Ayurvedic doctors and consultants providing telephonic consultations to patients across 1,200 cities and towns in India. The company also has its own HACCP- and GMP-certified manufacturing facility which produces more than 600 formulations in medicines and products that are natural, safe and pure.

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