JinMatic Advocates for Inbound Marketing in the Healthcare Industry

JinMatic is a leading provider of SEO solutions for businesses.

JinMatic, a leading provider of SEO solutions for businesses, emphasizes the importance of inbound marketing for the healthcare industry. In the post-pandemic era, the digital marketing approach has gained significant importance, and JinMatic recognizes the impact that inbound marketing can have on businesses, particularly in the healthcare industry.

JinMatic’s CEO acknowledges that healthcare services are essential to our daily lives, and consumers look for credibility and reputation before making decisions. JinMatic understands that reputation and credibility are influenced by online reviews, social media, and search engine rankings, and is committed to helping healthcare centers to establish a strong online presence that accurately reflects their reputation and credibility.

JinMatic is well aware that Malaysia has one of the highest internet penetration rates in the Southeast Asia region, with 89.6% of its 32.98 million population. As a result, JinMatic has been proactive in offering inbound marketing solutions to healthcare centers across the country.

Two healthcare centers that have benefited from JinMatic’s services are the IKONIK eye center and HN Clinic. HN Clinic is an LCP-certified medical aesthetic clinic in Bangsar, Malaysia, offering evidence-based medical aesthetic treatments using advanced medical equipment. IKONIK eye center, on the other hand, is an eye treatment center that has been providing top-notch eye care services in Malaysia.

Both IKONIK eye center and HN Clinic have adopted digital marketing as a means of marketing, and their growth has been exceptional. With Google ranking first as the most visited website in Malaysia with 7.25 billion total visits and 97.5% search market share, JinMatic’s inbound marketing solutions have played a significant role in helping healthcare centers like IKONIK eye center and HN Clinic to reach their target audience effectively.

JinMatic’s CEO notes that inbound marketing has several benefits over traditional mass-market marketing methods. Inbound marketing allows for both inbound ‘pull’ marketing by distributing content that draws visitors to digital profiles and outbound ‘push’ strategies that proactively reach consumers. This approach has helped healthcare centers establish their credibility and reputation while connecting with their target audience.

JinMatic’s commitment to offering SEO solutions to healthcare centers across Malaysia has been invaluable, particularly during the pandemic. With more people turning to the internet for information, it is vital that healthcare centers establish a strong online presence that accurately reflects their reputation and credibility.

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