JI-MOVE – Adopt a New Generation of E-Bike for on-the-go accessibility

JI-MOVE is the next generation of e-bike.

When they get from point A to point B, what matters most? If a lot of people are alike, care about a few key things.

Want vehicle to be eco-friendly.

Want to have fun.

Want it to be convenient.

All of that is sorted, and we share their sentiments. They want to protect the planet and have fun too. That is why e-bikes are such an exciting development for us. Doing away with cars, we can move about more flexibly and cut down on carbon emissions. We can change the world – and look good while we are doing so.

E-bikes, as well, afford them the sort of on-the-go accessibility that is perfect when they are switching between thier workday commute and their weekend partying. Whether they are shopping at the mall or visiting some friends, they want to feel confident that they can zip around from place to place, never worrying about their battery running low – or about the slow and stressful slog of a traditional bicycle ride.

Toward that end, we have created JI-MOVE. This is our bold take on the e-bike, barreling through some of the shortcomings we see in our competitors. Features include a removable lithium battery for easy charging, a reinforced power supply for stability, LG batteries (by the same supplier Tesla uses), a minimalist design, foldable handlebars, detachable seats, smooth welding, a digital display, lights in the front and back, shock absorption in the front, an ABS disc brake system, and a high-speed motor. They also get to choose how they are going to use it: human riding, electric-assisted riding, and pure electric riding. That means they get to decide what each ride is like.

They are in control.

JI-MOVE is the next generation of e-bike, and we are ready to see it on streets worldwide. That is not going to happen overnight, though. We need your help raising some start-up capital, which is why we are launching our crowdfunding campaign on {date you intend to launch}. Once the campaign goes live, you can signal your support for JI-MOVE and reserve one, two, or even four of your own.

JI-MOVE is, in a big way, our vision for the future: “MI” stands for miniature electric car, “HO” stands for home life, and “GO” stands for travel on-demand. These are the principles that have driven us to create this lightweight vehicle, which they can take on day trips as well as overnight ones, and we want them to be a part of this too.

To become one of the first people to hear about JI-MOVE, just enter the e-mail address in the box below. We will then let you know as soon as the campaign is live.

We will see them out on the roads!

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