Jimmy Sharma: From Immigrant to Entrepreneur and Game-Changer

Jimmy Sharma is an influencer, entrepreneur, and game-changer in the digital marketing world. Born and raised in India, Jimmy moved to Canada with his family in 2010. With a passion for multimedia, he studied at Humber College and worked hard during his studies, taking on midnight shifts while pursuing his side hustles in graphic designing and photography.

After graduation, Jimmy worked nine-to-five jobs from 2013 to 2018. However, his entrepreneurial spirit led him to start his own business, The Six Creations Digital & IT Solutions, in July 2018. He had already been working on side hustles for years, including creating graphics and photography for friends and starting his cricket club, Patiala Shahi Cricket Association, in 2017.

Despite coming from a service-class family and initially struggling with how to run a business, Jimmy’s never-give-up attitude and sportsmanship kept him moving forward. With the help of some references, he secured his biggest client, Cricket Canada – the international cricket team in Canada.

One of Jimmy’s notable career highlights was during his captaincy in cricket for tennis ball cricket. He captained for three years, playing in 11 tournaments, and won gold six times with five runners-up. As a player and entrepreneur, he has won many awards and recognition from the entire cricket community for his work in changing the game of cricket marketing in Canada. He even helped Cricket Canada win the ICC Digital Fan engagement award for his business, The Six Creations.

Despite his success, Jimmy advises others to follow their hearts and pursue their passions. He believes that money will follow when you do what you love and that there should be no regrets in life, even if others have different opinions. In the next few years, Jimmy hopes to help his clients elevate their businesses with The Six Creations and bring more change to the community, especially for cricket marketing and branding. He wants to highlight the sport and all the players involved, including Cricket Canada and his own club, Patiala Shahi Cricket.

With his passion, drive, and never-give-up attitude, Jimmy Sharma is hitting sixes both on and off the field. He is changing the game of online marketing for cricket in Canada and helping others elevate their personal brands and businesses

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