Jimani Inc. Working Through the Covid Crisis

Jimani Inc. Working Through the Covid Crisis

Jimani Inc has continued to proved amazing laser marking in los Angeles. The team has worked hard to stay open during Covid-19.
Jimani has been a cornerstone of the Ventura County community for the past 28 years. They provide one of the best Laser Marking services in Los Angeles are.

Jimani Inc. has been an industry leader in laser marking machines.  Celebrating its 30th anniversary in January, the team at Jimani has continued to produce high-quality fiber laser marking machines to not only the greater Los Angeles area but the rest of the world.  Jimani has often been a resource for outside companies to solve how to mark their products while providing over the phone support for customers that buy equipment from us. Different tasks require different machinery. While some require a co2 laser, others might take a fiber laser marking machine to get the job done. While the Covid-19 pandemic has sidelined a lot of companies, Jimani has been able to push on and continue to provide great laser marking and engraving services. 

“We have taken every precaution possible to keep our staff safe.”  Said Jimani founder Jim Earman. “Since starting Jimani in 1990 I have always said the goals have been to be proud of what we do and I still live by that today… We’ve watched several well-established laser companies either change direction or go out of business and we’ve also seen dozens of laser marking job shops and laser marker integration companies emerge.”

We continue to keep up with demand not only for laser marking and engraving but also for the machines themselves. With 30 years of experience, our work is top-notch and continues to exceed expectations. We have been a staple in the Ventura County community for 30 years. Starting in Ventura as a one-man shop and later moving to Oxnard where the business currently is located using the same equipment that Jimani sells, Jimani’s laser marking services have provided the foundation for understanding and optimizing the wide range of laser marking applications and issues that must be addressed by a quality laser marking system.

Just a short drive from Los Angeles, we have worked with huge companies such as Smith & Wesson and Metalcraft. These companies searched for help with specific problems and turned to us. With the experience that we have, they were able to recommend the best process for each job. Through these relationship-building techniques is how we have remained a force to be reckoned with for so many years.

While we have been focused on Laser Marking Los Angeles, we have instilled a sense of community into the company. Not only do we focus on making great products, but we also help out those in need.  The clients we have gained over the years become like family, not only they get help with current projects but they know that when they work with us they are receiving more than just a product.  

We will continue to be there for our customers even though this time of great uncertainty. With everything going on right now, we want to reassure our customers that Jimani is here for you. Whether that means taking your phone call to help with a newly purchased machine or marking up products for production, Jimani Inc. will be there to help you.

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