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Jill Spruill is an Independent Consultant for BeautyCounter — a company that is revolutionizing the beauty industry by offering safe and non-toxic products to women, men and children. Jill believes in living a healthy lifestyle, and in her series of interviews with nationally syndicated Talk Show Host Frank MacKay, she discusses how the government failed to regulate the health and beauty industry — and why she is on a mission to help families live healthier lives.

In a recent interview with Talk Show Host Frank MacKay, Jill stated, “What Beautycounter has done, it has banned harmful and toxic ingredients or potentially harmful products that most skin care lines or cosmetic lines have not. And that’s 1500 harmful ingredients that Beautycounter has banned. So looking at the law, if you look at the regulations of the FDA, the last time that a law was passed was in 1938, and the law only bans 11 harmful ingredients.”

Frank MacKay has been working with Jill to raise awareness of these issues.  He stated, “it’s a great product line and you’re a wonderful spokesperson for that.  Jill Spruill is truly on the cutting edge of bringing healthy products to the market and advocating to improve the industry as a whole.

Listen to Jill’s weekly podcast on Soundcloud, iTunes, Blog Talk Radio and more streaming sites, nationwide and internationally. 

To learn more about Beauty Counter, go to www.beautycounter.com/jillspruill

And look out for Jill Spruill’s upcoming feature article in Talk Nation Live Magazine!

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