Jeffery Alan Announced Latest Book On 1st December

Death’s Judgement Is Available For Preorder On Rikoun Publishing And Amazon

01 Dec, 2016 – Rikoun Publishing has announced that the latest work of Jeffery Alan Henning will be published on 1st December of 2016. The book titled ‘Death’s Judgement’ is available for pre-orders on the website of Rikoun Publishing and also on Amazon. It is the third book in the avatar series, and the publisher has also announced a 3-pack package for all the three books in the series. The author plans on releasing the book through Createspace (, Kindle, and also on Smashwords.

Previously, Jeffery has created a plethora of creative art through his words in his books. Some of his masterpieces have been top-selling on Amazon and the reviews on this author page and books have been phenomenal. The Sellouts, The Fairy Tree, Infiltrated, Dominating the Demon Within, Luck is Every Where and Death Trade are some of his major works among many other available on amazon and loved by his readers.

“I’ve been working pretty hard over here in my spare time getting the third book of the Avatar series done and ready for you all to read! Finally, after a very long time of writing, re-writing, re-writing some more, and more re-writing, it’s done!” said Jeffrey while talking about his latest book, Death’s Judgement. He has also announced a special offer to the readers on his blog’s mailing list. In this offer, he will give out discount coupons in the middle of November to purchase his latest work.

About the Author

Jeffery Alan Henning is a 38-year old writer and author of several books. He is married with two kids, a daughter of 4 and a son of 2-year old. He has not only written books but has also produced avatar series with the subjects that have never been touched or explained before. His latest work will be released on 1st December 2016 and is available for preorders. 

Media Contact
Company Name: Rikoun Publishing
Contact Person: Jeffrey Alan
Country: United States