JB’s Fantastic Finds Auction Show Celebrates Five Years of Myth, Fantasy, and Tangible Treasures

JB's Fantastic Finds Auction Show Celebrates Five Years of Myth, Fantasy, and Tangible Treasures
John Basedow marks a milestone with JBFF, a unique blend of talk, comedy, and treasures.

Entrepreneur and show host John Basedow proudly announces the five-year anniversary of JB’s Fantastic Finds (JBFF). This unique blend of talk show, stand-up comedy, and home shopping has reached a significant milestone, drawing in over 50,000 active members on its dedicated Facebook group.

Since the days of Fitness Made Simple, Basedow has continued his entrepreneurial journey, culminating in the success of JB’s Fantastic Finds. As it has grown into its own, the show stands out as more than just an auction. It’s a life-changing experience for viewers seeking an escape from the negativity of daily life, finding solace in the friendly chat, welcoming vibes, and exquisite treasures.

JB’s Fantastic Finds features trinkets from around the world, including diverse jewelry items, mystical statues, stones, and crystals, with prices ranging from a few dollars to several hundred. Whether avid treasure hunters or casual observers, the show ensures there’s something for everyone.

Basedow’s charisma, charm, extensive knowledge, and lighthearted show environment contribute to its success. More than just an auction, JB’s Fantastic Finds offers an educational experience. Basedow frequently shares fun facts and ‘gem lore’ about featured pieces, endearing himself to viewers even when they aren’t shopping themselves.

Another aspect that has set the online auction show apart from the crowd is its ubiquitous national television exposure. JBFF commercials can be seen all over TV on networks including HGTV, TLC, Discovery, Bravo, TNT, ESPN, Lifetime, Hallmark, History and various news channels.

To become part of the JBFF Family and tune into treasure-filled broadcasts, interested viewers can request to join the Facebook Group. The community allows members to showcase their winnings and facilitates interactions with other treasure enthusiasts and the affable host himself. JB’s Fantastic Finds airs every Tuesday and Saturday at around 8:30 PM EST.

In the spirit of gratitude for the community’s support, Basedow, commented, “I am truly humbled by the incredible response JB’s Fantastic Finds has received over the past five years. The sense of camaraderie among our members is heartwarming, and it’s a testament to the positivity and joy that the show brings to people’s lives.”

Looking ahead, Basedow envisions expanding JB’s Fantastic Finds while keeping true to the show’s spirit. “We have big plans to bring our audience more unique and enchanting treasures, making every episode a memorable experience,” Basedow remarked.

As JB’s Fantastic Finds continues to grow, Basedow remains committed to providing not just a show but a haven for those seeking entertainment, knowledge, and a sense of belonging in the world of online treasure hunting.

Join the JBFF group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/401390047705742

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