Javvy Launches Integrated Wallet and Crypto Exchange Aggregator as ICO Draws to a Close

“Javvy has been getting prominent recognition and numerous accolades from the crypto community.”
The Javvy ICO is about to conclude, with nearly all available tokens scooped up already and a fully functional app that has more features that any other existing exchange or wallet. Javvy combines both into an all-in-one solution that handles ID verification (in the app), offers buy, sell, convert (coming very soon), and the option to participate in ICOs/STOs/IEOs, etc. Never register or verify identity again and participate in every offering Javvy ever delivers.

As the Javvy ICO ends April 30th, the team at Javvy is proud to present a groundbreaking new application that provides a complete crypto experience. Combining all the wallet functionality you need, with rapid in-app exchange registration, marketplace aggregation, and arbitrage; Javvy is a true pioneer and poised to become a market leader. What’s more, Javvy has introduced a new feature not found anywhere else; native ICO/IEO/STO support.

Javvy’s all-in-one crypto solution includes a universal wallet that supports Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Javvy (JVY) and many other currencies. It also incorporates a built-in decentralized exchange designed to allow quick and easy registration, quick and easy ID verification, and delivers a superior user experience.

The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) has a number of exceptional key features that include:

• Anonymous send and receive functions to securely manage your crypto.

• Javvy focuses on privacy, with most basic functionality available anonymously. Whitelisting and ID verification is only required when using more advanced features.

• The Javvy app is designed to be user-friendly providing quick and easy ID verification for all trading actions like buy, sell, convert (coming soon) as well as in-app participation in ICOs, IEOs, and STOs. Intuitive and customer focused, Javvy takes the guess work out of getting into crypto eliminating the need to spend hours manually verifying your details.

• Never register or ID verify with another exchange again! Gone are the days of seemingly endless registration with multiple exchanges, just to trade the cryptocurrencies you want or to buy one crypto in one exchange, sending to another, and finally trading it for what you really want. Javvy simplifies the whole process by doing all the back-end work for you.

• The Javvy app uses an exchange aggregator as your portal to other centralized and decentralized exchanges and then acts as an arbitrage allowing you to buy and sell your crypto at the best possible prices.  Integrations with over a hundred exchanges have already been completed with four (4) exchanges live in the BETA today.

• With Javvy you can do everything you need to manage your crypto. The app is currently available on Windows, iOS and Android, with OSX and LINUX Desktop versions slated for release later this year which will allow for unparalleled coverage and ease of use worldwide.

The future of crypto has arrived, so don’t wait. Start today and say “Hello” to Crypto!

Download the latest version of the app right now from your app store or online at https://javvy.com/updates.

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