Jana Idilbi Releases Travel Book, ‘Travel Adventures of a Wandering Woman’

An ultimate guide to travelling on a budget and for free

Travel lover, Jana Idilbi has just released her first travel book, ‘Travel Adventures of a Wandering Woman.’ Referred to as a wandering woman, Jana Idilbi has been to over 120 countries. This is good enough a number to call her a travel expert. As an expert, Jana has documented her adventures and experiences and put it in writing to guide travel lovers and aspiring travellers who want to travel on a budget and also for free.

The ‘Travel Adventures of a Wandering Woman’ is not only a guide but an exciting journey of a woman whose goal is to explore the corners of the world, meeting new people and learning new things. From the depth of her experiences, Jana reveals different tips, tricks and hacks alongside her amazing and not-so-amazing travel stories. She ensures to bare it all out in the book, telling it as it is about all there is to know in order to have stress free travel adventures.

Jana Idilbi believes strongly in the freedom and purification that travelling brings. ‘‘Once a year, invest in yourself and explore the beauty of the world. Travelling purifies the soul and enable you to see what’s right in front of you,’’ she said. Jana’s love for travelling is unparallel. From over the 120 countries, she has been to, one of Jana’s most favourite places to visit is Egypt. Her love for Egypt has led her to create a vacation home for herself in the country called The Royal Pyramids Palace Residence at the Pyramids. In addition to this, she owns an eight-room hotel called The Location Hotel.

Even though she has spent most of her life travelling, the new author is not only about traveling. She has also had some writing experience before writing her first book. She used to have a travel column called The Globetrotter in The Chico Enterprise-Record newspaper. She also owns a business she manages well.

Available in eBook, paper back and hardcover, Jana uses her debut book, ‘Travel Adventures of a Wandering Woman,’ to help people explore different places through her experiences.

For more information, visit https://traveladventuresofawanderingwoman.com/

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