Jamie Black’s Newest One-Man Show Getting Rave Reviews

His Show Tackles Gender Roles and How They Work Today

April 19, 2017 – Jamie Black has been a standout performer in the Chicago theatre scene for a while now. He’s performed in productions by Second City and worked with many noteworthy production companies like the Noble Fool Theatre, Comedy Sportz, and National Theatre for Children  just to name a few. He also performed at the Chicago Sketchfest for many years with his sketch comedy group Soul Fools.

If anything, it is clear that his comedic stylings and fresh attitude make him a unique talent. His newest show It’s My Penis and I’ll Cry If I Want To is his newest production and has brought him recognition all across the country.

His new show is all about how men and women are different and yet similar to one another. It’s all about how peoples’ perceptions of what constitutes as male and female work. The show especially establishes a clear look at what makes people act so different from each other.

The fascinating attitude that Black has towards men and women are highlighted well in this great new show. It is about how men are not always willing to follow the same attitudes that other men think they should hold.

The show especially delves into the worlds of sexism and trans bias, two commonplace concerns out there today. The concepts of gender policing and how people are often forced into certain roles are covered extensively in this show.  Black especially portrays both male and female characters and describes different events in life from both perspectives. His approach is to get a closer look at what makes them so different from each other and yet not all that far removed.

It is an interesting way of looking at how different people are and how they react to what society expects of them.

The topics that are covered are relevant to this day but Black delivers them in a funny and sometimes touching manner. His strong sense of humor and his willingness to be personal about his life especially make him one of the more exciting figures in today’s entertainment scene.

This new show has already garnered some great attention for Jamie Black. He won the National Artist of the Year award at the St. Lou Fringe Festival in 2016. His show is also appearing at the Toronto Fringe Festival from July 5-16.  He was also awarded an Individual Artist Program grant from the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events in 2017.

For more information, visit: www.jamieblack.com

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