James Billings of Trustarte Shares Unknown LLC Antidote, The Business Trust Company

James Billings of Trustarte Shares Unknown LLC Antidote, The Business Trust Company
James Billings of TrustArte

In an era where the privacy and security of wealth is more important than ever, James Billings, founder of Trustarte, continues to lead the charge in offering a game-changing alternative to LLCs and S-Corps. It’s called a Business Trust Company. As the relentless tide of state and federal regulatory hassles threatens to engulf entrepreneurs and investors, Billings reaffirms Trustarte’s commitment to providing powerful solutions with its innovative Business Trust Company.

Traditional structures come with a myriad of headaches – from Secretary of State registrations to franchise taxes and unwanted visibility. Since 2015, individuals and businesses have turned to Trustarte’s Business Trusts for limited liability, asset protection, and income tax benefits.

Business Trust Company, obscures assets from prying eyes and bureaucratic entanglements, continues to offer ‘unlisted’ privacy and simplicity under the seasoned guidance of James Billings. Imagine no Secretary of State registration, no franchise taxes, and no resident agents. Business Trusts keep clients off numerous public radars, safeguarding business assets from unwanted online attention. There is no need for the Secretary of State.

Business Trusts boast a rich history dating back centuries, with giants like Lloyds of London and Rockefeller’s Standard Oil, to modern day businesses such as Walmart leveraging their power. 

Billings, underscores the transformative power of Business Trusts. “Business Trusts are ideal for real estate investors, entrepreneurs and professionals, import-export companies, and beyond,” he asserts. “The peace of mind that comes with unlisted privacy is priceless.”

In a world overrun with intrusive politicians and bureaucrats, James Billings and Trustarte offer the solution that many entrepreneurs and investors are looking for, but don’t know exists. With the LLC antidote – a Business Trust Company at their side, entrepreneurs and investors will never once look back.

To learn more about Trustarte and Business Trusts, visit trustarte.com or email James at james@trustarte.com.

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