Jalanin Launches Business Blog For Professional Business Lovers

Jalanin, an established Indonesian blog developed many years ago by a group of passionate writers, editors and storytellers designed to be a hub for information about the things that really matter in life, lifestyle advice, parenting, travel, health and motivation.  Jalanin is for the people who share the belief that share information and experiences not only enrich our lives but it also helps other learn and develop through the advice of others. The minds behind Jalanin have many years of experience that they are now sharing with their readers in the form of tips and advice. Recently, a dedicated section for business and finance was added to the blog that focuses more towards the people who are interested in establishing their own small business.

Their most recent piece focuses on people who are currently employed but are looking to start a side business to supplement their current income and ignite their entrepreneurial skills. Jalanin latest piece sheds light on the various limitations faced by employees seeking a new business venture of their own. The experts on the matter suggests, “Many people are looking for great business ideas as their side ventures besides their primary employment. Limited capital is one of the biggest hindrances when opening a side venture; we suggest that you start small. If you are energetic and love working with others then consider opening a coffee shop and use social media as your primary tool for attracting customers. Start with small steps.”

Jalanin believes that a side business, despite its challenges can help individuals come up with great business ideas of their own, they can enhance their earnings while also owning their own business which can be highly rewarding and satisfying. The internet has paved the way for many people to start their own business ventures from home by harnessing the powers of e-commerce and online banking systems.

Furthermore, the internet and social media especially has proven to be a great advertising and marketing tool that can be leveraged to reel in the customers and create a strong positioning for the side business or brand.


Jalanin business blog established by a talented, skilled and experienced writers and business enthusiast. Jalanin’s main objective is to revive the love for sharing practical information about diverse topics including business and finance, health and fitness, family and parenting; and more. The blog shares advice and tricks that will people get inspired and improve their live.

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