Jacquelyn Vasquez to Release Her First Book ‘Stand in Your Light’ Based on Incidents from Her Life

Jacquelyn Vasquez to Release Her First Book ‘Stand in Your Light’ Based on Incidents from Her Life

Motivational speaker and life coach Jacquelyn Vasquez is all set to release her first book, titled ‘STAND IN YOUR LIGHT’. The book explains why loving the skin you’re in is so important. Further, it shares the secret to love, happiness, and joy. Through her write up, the author gives the readers the tools needed to build deeper relationships with others, practice gratitude at every turn and to find the joy in life even within adversities. 

‘Stand in Your Light’ encourages readers to learn to live life on purpose, and with great intentions, to go after their goals and dreams. The book also makes readers aware of their potential to change their mind and learn to be their most honest self with others and themselves. Besides, it serves as an inspiration for many who feel their life is like a roller coaster and they are going down more than up. The work aims to fills positivity in those who find that their light or sense of happiness is dulled or taken away easily by other’s constructive criticism. Additionally, it teaches the difference between life just happening or actually living life.

In 2008, Jacquelyn made a decision that changed her life forever. She was tired of bad relationships, losing friendships, and feeling like a foreigner in her own home. She constantly tried to run from adversities in life like they were the plague, but adversities seemed to always find her right away. She finally decided to make a change.

Author of many fabulous blogs, Jacquelyn helps people understand their true passion and learn to put it first. She aids them in manifesting their dream life. She also runs her business with the name ‘The Pursuit Club’, for she feels that everyone is on a pursuit of happiness daily in their lives. So, start by standing in your light today.

For more information, please visit: www.thepursuitclub143.com

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