Jacksonville Company Helps People Get Around Independently with an Electric Scooter Rental

Electric scooters are valuable tools that help millions of people with a variety of mobility issues navigate the world more easily. Medco Inc. aims to make these helpful devices more accessible for those in need with affordable rental options.

People use electric scooters for a variety of reasons. Some may need them temporarily because they are recovering from an injury, illness, or surgery. Other people may require them because they are incapable of walking for long periods of time or are at a heightened risk of falling. No matter why a person needs a mobility aid, Medco Inc. makes electric scooter rental in Jacksonville convenient and affordable.

Renting is a good option for customers who expect to make a full recovery eventually and thus do not need to permanently invest in a mobility aid. Likewise, renting power chairs is an excellent way to give the equipment a “test drive” while determining whether to buy it. Medco Inc.’s flexible rental periods also make them a convenient option for customers who wish to rent equipment for a special occasion that they expect would pose issues for them, such as a vacation that involves a lot of walking.

For those customers who do want to invest in a permanent purchase, Medco Inc.’s staff makes the process simple with their depth of knowledge. They can answer questions about the many models available and provide tailored recommendations based on the person’s needs and preferences. In addition to selling electric scooters, they also sell manual and electric wheelchairs, walkers and other walking aids, and much more.

Call (904) 264-8154 to learn more about renting mobility scooters from Medco Inc. Details about their various medical equipment products available for sale and rent are also available online. They serve clients in Jacksonville, Orange Park, Mandarin, Fleming Island, and Middleburg, FL, as well as the surrounding areas.

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