J. D. Welter launched his new book “Running Naked in Dubai” to bring innovation to the business world

Popular business professional and author J. D. Welter published his new book named “Running Naked in Dubai: Secrets to Becoming a Better Business Partner” offering tools and techniques for organizational problem solving and change management.

In the last few years, the world has witnessed major changes in business, ethics and technology. It has become more complicated to manage the workplace, engage employees and achieve results that may require a new way and point of view to handle the new norms. It is creating new challenges for HR, project managers and professionals who are working as practitioners every day. For that, it needs an expert’s guidance on how you can become the “go-to” business partner to bring change. J. D. Welter’s “Running Naked in Dubai” is the “user’s guide” that everyone was waiting for.

In “Running Naked in Dubai”, the author talks about the commitment and innovation that are required to bring people together to solve problems in the workplace.  It also focuses on “employee engagement” which is a thing that every manager should stay focused on to adopt a proper professional mentality. A committed and connected workplace is essential for everyone, from HR practitioners, to project managers to anyone responsible for the job. It includes supporting the employee, to making strategies for achieving success; this book is the ideal helpline for cracking the formula to achieving your goals. 

About the main concept of the book, Author J. D. Welter said, “Many of the tools/methods I introduce in this book would require an investment of your time and effort to explore in a deeper way”. This book provides insights on the “new normal and focused thinking” in a practical way to help bring the required commitment. 

Explore Running Naked In Dubai by Jeffery D. Welter on Amazon.

About Jeffery D Welter:

Jeffery D Welter is a business professional with high skills and the author of the book “Running Naked in Dubai”. In his 30 years of professional life, he has worked with both government and international companies and he is an expert in strategic leadership. In his book “Running Naked in Dubai: Secrets to Becoming a Better Business Partner” he penned down his life experiences to help others to achieve more.

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