IV2 Returns to Los Angeles Marathon Expo 2024, Bringing Next Level Hydration for Runners

IV2 Returns to Los Angeles Marathon Expo 2024, Bringing Next Level Hydration for Runners
Next Level Hydration experience offered to marathon participants at LA Marathon EXPO.

IV2, a zero-sugar electrolyte, proudly announces its successful participation at the LA Marathon EXPO held on March 15-16, 2024. Building on its commitment to promoting health and wellness, IV2 returned for the second consecutive year to the prestigious event, offering its innovative zero-sugar electrolyte drinks to marathon runners.

At the heart of IV2’s mission lies a dedication to providing hydration that prioritizes natural ingredients and optimal performance. Unlike traditional electrolyte drinks laden with sugars, IV2 is a zero-sugar electrolyte developed by military doctors in South Korea. IV2 uses Amino Acids to enhance muscle recovery and energy boost.

One enthusiastic customer, echoing the sentiments of many, remarked, “I was thrilled to see IV2 back at the LA Marathon EXPO. Their electrolyte drinks are a game-changer, providing the perfect balance of hydration and energy without the unnecessary sugars. It’s become an essential part of my training regimen.”

During the LA Marathon EXPO, IV2 engaged with runners and fitness enthusiasts, offering samples of its signature amino acid-based electrolyte drink mix. Participants had the opportunity to experience IV2’s Next Level Hydration firsthand, discovering the benefits of natural hydration for their training and performance.

“We are delighted to have once again participated in the LA Marathon EXPO, supporting runners on their journey to achieving their goals,” said Aaron Lee, CEO of IV2. “Hydration is paramount in endurance events like marathons, and IV2 is proud to offer a healthier alternative that empowers athletes to perform at their best.”

IV2’s presence at the LA Marathon EXPO exemplifies its ongoing commitment to fostering a culture of health and wellness within the community. By providing runners with access to premium hydration, IV2 continues to redefine the standards of electrolyte replenishment, ensuring that athletes can pursue their fitness goals safely and sustainably.

For more information about IV2 and its range of hydration products, visit IV2’s official website or contact IV2 Group Inc. at info@iv2-hydration.com.

About IV2 Group, Inc.:

IV2 is a zero-sugar, amino acid-based electrolyte developed by military doctors in South Korea. Well known for muscle recovery and energy boost, Amino Acids make up 40% in just one packet of IV2, calling it the Amino Acid-based ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution). This precise ratio of Amino Acids and essential ingredients of our AAA Formula™ effectively hydrates and replenishes without the use of sugar.

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