IV2 Group Inc. Returns as the Official On-Course Electrolyte Sponsor for 2024 Modesto Marathon

IV2 Group Inc. Returns as the Official On-Course Electrolyte Sponsor for 2024 Modesto Marathon
Partnership elevates runners’ hydration experience with IV2’s natural electrolyte solution.

IV2 Group Inc., the pioneering sugar-free, amino acid-based electrolyte drink mix company, proudly announces its continued partnership as the ‘Official On-Course Electrolyte’ of the 2024 Modesto Marathon. Building on the success of last year’s collaboration, the race took place on March 24, 2024, with IV2 Group Inc. providing a proven elite hydration resource to runners, supporting their endurance and performance throughout the marathon.

“We are thrilled to announce the consecutive partnership with the Modesto Marathon since last year. We hope to support each runner’s run through our Next Level Hydration solution,” commented Aaron Lee, CEO of IV2 Group Inc.

As the official electrolyte sponsor of the Modesto Marathon for the second year in a row, IV2 Group Inc. reinforces its commitment to standing behind and supporting community sports events. The partnership underscores IV2’s dedication to providing a natural, effective hydration solution for athletes seeking optimal performance. The Modesto Marathon organizers and participants have been extremely grateful.

“We were surprised to notice that we have not received any feedback related to cramps, stomachache, or headache from our runners ever since IV2 has been the official sponsor of our marathon,” remarked the race director of Modesto Marathon.

IV2’s advanced amino acid-based electrolyte drink mix offers a natural alternative to traditional hydration methods. Developed by military doctors in the Special Forces, IV2’s formula is designed to efficiently hydrate without the use of sugar. Rich in electrolytes, amino acids, and essential vitamins, IV2 provides quality hydration without artificial additives, making it suitable for a wide range of athletes and health-conscious individuals.

The Modesto Marathon, held on March 24, 2024, in Modesto, California, provided an ideal platform for IV2 Group Inc. to showcase its commitment to promoting healthy hydration practices among athletes. With IV2 available at water stations throughout the course, runners were able to stay hydrated and perform at their best, supported by IV2’s natural electrolyte solution.

For those looking to experience the benefits of IV2’s Next Level Hydration, the product is readily available for purchase on Amazon. To learn more about IV2 Group Inc. and its commitment to promoting healthy hydration, visit their website at https://www.iv2-hydration.com.

About IV2 Group Inc.:

IV2 Group Inc. is a leading provider of sugar-free, amino acid-based electrolyte drink mixes. Founded by a former medical doctor in the South Korean special forces, IV2 Group Inc. specializes in developing natural hydration solutions for athletes and health-conscious individuals.

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