It’s Official… Pizza Guys Are The Best, The Number One


It’s official, west Belfast is home to the best pizza in the entire country of N Ireland – and you’ll find locations on Andersonstown Road, Antrim Road and Ormeau Road

Pizza Guyz was crowned winner at the NI TakeAway Awards, seeing off 7 other award-winning pizzas from across the country in the final.

Pizza Guyz was founded by one of the finest pizza chefs in the country, Ciaran Kelly, where judges tasted and marked their hand-crafted pizzas as the finest for not only taste, but also customer service.

So, what does it take to be the best in your field? – Ciaran Kelly, has spent his last 25 years in the pizza business, and just what it took to climb to the top and become the recipient of the NI Takeaway Award for Best Pizza 2022 and The NI Takeaway Overall Award as best in the entire takeaway industry 2021!

As a mere 18-year-old, Ciaran showed his entrepreneurial skills by opening his first business on Belfast’s Shaws Road, and now – 24 years on, Ciaran has one of the finest, award winning businesses in Northern Ireland, and only a year ago had his first Pizza Guyz franchise, with another franchisee following suit only a few months ago…


Filled with passion for preparing the finest pizza and wanting to make a huge success of his business, Ciaran has worked so hard to make Pizza Guyz menu as special as it is by ensuring every time you order your favourite pizza, it’s consistently the same. “All of our meat is finely selected and sourced locally, our cheese is 100% buffalo mozzarella, and our veggies are all organic. We offer an amazing choice of signature pizzas and great value deals but also encourage our customers to be a pizza “vigilante” and create their own masterpieces,” Ciaran told us.

what is it that keeps Ciaran and his team of over 16 employees busy? “We ensure the customer gets the exact same pizza, every time they order. Using a specialised gas pizza oven, we can provide high volume pizzas with the same consistency at all times. My USP (unique selling point) is every pizza gets the same, consistent attention making it taste exactly the same all the time.”

One of the best-selling pizza’s featured in-house is known as ‘The Boss’ and was created by Ciaran and his team of pizza artists. This signature pizza is topped with salami, pepperoni, fresh chillies, and mushrooms, smothered with Abernethy garlic butter. A winner every time, and one of the most enjoyable, that pulls customers back to his shop time and time again.

We even made it on to national Tv show,RTE to show case our business as one of the toom3 in the country. It was a huge success with Michelin star chef, Dillon McGrath commenting on how our pizza were among the best he’d ever tried. 

So, what type of challenges has Ciaran came across in the last 24 years of this business? “I like to remain one step ahead of the game and go to all the pizza conventions, so I remain at the forefront of any new technology. I’m now in consultancy work and sold our first franchise last year with another new one opened on Ormeau Road this year!”

Franchising is a commitment Ciaran takes very personal, “One store at a time. So far, the reviews and ratings are fantastic. If I feel my brand is being compromised, it’s not about money, it’s about creating the best pizza, backed with great service.”

Pizza Guyz has already collected many awards including:

– Yes Chef Award for sustainability

– Yes Chef Highly Recommended Pizza

– Just Eat Award

– NI Takeaway X 2 Awards

“The top accolade was when in Vegas I was asked to create one of my signature pizzas for the world’s number one Pizza Chef – Tony Gemignani. He said it was one of the best pizza’s he ever tasted! This is the biggest accolade I have ever achieved to date, and one that’s hard to beat when you realise, he’s the best in the world judging what you created!”

So, what is Ciaran’s top tip for anyone going into the takeaway business?

“New ventures can be fantastic, you want to be an overnight success, but you must realise it takes time for your customers to convert. There’s a big emphasis on making sure branding is good, so go all out and create the best you can. You must have patience, grind it out and the rest will follow. Only 1 in 5 eateries make it on average. Take time and allow your costumers to convert.

“Whatever food business you’re prepping for, you must respect the craft you’re in. I say these three words to my staff all the time, ‘Respect Your Craft!’ It’s due to this we continue to thrive with confidence and can create the nicest combination of pizza for delivery to our customers, always.

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