iTransa launched One World One Currency aka XiK

iTransa is an instant Transaction network for fiat and digital payments.

9 out of 10 ICOs are just ideas and raising money without any solid proof of concept and necessary regulatory work. It will be no surprise that some ICOs would have been used to fund scams and cheat investors of their money. However, iTransa has taken different approach before launching an ICO.

iTransa unique approach is to ”Launch MVP first, build a community, make a product market fit with necessary regulatory work, Once the groundwork is properly done then launch an ICO for scaling up the platform”. All genuine block chain based startups will follow iTransa footsteps soon. Our MVP is released last weekend and users from all around the world may download ”iTransa” and earn 2 XiKs.

XiK is best of both worlds.

It has all benefits of digital currency but acts as fiat for buying products and services. It can be bought in local currencies instead of USD or EUR.

At present, cryptocurrencies function fairly well as an asset, but remain virtually impossible to use as a means of payment in everyday life: users have to manually sell their crypto assets on an exchange, then transfer the resulting amount in fiat currency to their bank account. Only when this transfer is completed can they use these funds to make purchases.

International peer to peer transfer is still done via bank wire transfers. Using ordinary banking systems this kind of procedure is slow and complicated. What’s more, the cost can easily exceed 10% of the amount being transferred, especially with small sums. It’s a service that brings few, if any, benefits and a lot frustration but for any customers, this is the only option available.

While with iTransa, It takes seconds to perform the transaction, and this time is not affected by how far apart the parties are and The cost of the transaction is reduced to just a fraction of a percent of the amount being transferred.

iTransa’s approach to adopt digital currencies in daily life is to introduce merchant services like O2O marketplace and QR Code based payment solution in a platform.

O2O marketplace

O2O marketplace is the combination of products and services marketplace. A consumer can order products, food or hire grill master for weekend bbq activity. They may pay via fiat or digital currencies and merchant will receive in fiat currency.

QR code payment solution

Shop owners/charity organizations/ sports clubs don’t need credit card reader anymore, just create and print QR code and start accepting fiat and digital payments.

iTransa users can transfer XiK to each other. XiK can be used to buy products or services.

iTransa provides multiple payment options like fiat, cryptocurrency or XiK to buy groceries online, pay for coffee at a cafe or help a charity organization.

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