It Is Necessary To Stock Up Some Face Masks

Due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, masks have been worn for nearly half a year. So far, although the epidemic has not passed, in some cases, although masks can be removed appropriately, people also need the protection of masks. Generally speaking, How long a mask can be used? Is it still necessary to stock up masks now? Those who are unclear must understand these.

Masks are regarded as the most important protection against the new crown pneumonia virus. Under the epidemic situation, everyone has to wear medical masks of corresponding protection level. Due to the surge in demand, the price of masks has also risen a lot. The price of masks has been reduced, but it has not been able to return to normal prices. The masks are all disposable. As for how long can a mask be used? Under normal circumstances, a mask can be used for 8 hours, after which it must be replaced.

Generally speaking, disposable masks cannot be reused, but it is also known that because of the epidemic, masks were in short supply. Although the shortage of domestic masks has been solved, in order to save use, a mask is usually It was used twice, but experts said that under special circumstances, disposable medical masks can be worn for one or two days, and try not to exceed 3 days. So, is it still necessary to stock up masks now?

In most areas of the country, normal operations have resumed, and production and sales have resumed in all walks of life, but everyone should have discovered that, unlike the past, everyone will wear masks in 2020. Until now, although Some low-risk areas have already got rid of the shackles of masks, but in some occasions, such as in densely crowded environments, masks are still required. Therefore, it is necessary for everyone to stock masks as appropriate as possible at home.

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