IT Expert Develops Domain Accessibility Tool For Enhanced Browsing Experience For Disabled People

Experienced IT professional, Sanjeev Kumar, introduces Web Accessibility Tool, an innovative browsing tool to help more people with disabilities enjoying their experience online

Sanjeev Kumar has undoubtedly disrupted the internet space with the introduction of his domain accessibility tool for people with disabilities and regional people. Named Web Accessibility Tool, the browsing solution is probably the first of its kind in the industry, allowing over a billion people in different parts of the world to easily navigate through websites. The tool is particularly great for businesses as it improves their online presence by enhancing the user experience.

The internet has been described by many as the best thing since sliced bread. Over the years, there has been a steady increase in the number of internet users, a phenomenon attributable to the emergence of different types of smart mobile devices. A recent report published on in October 2020 stated that there were more than 4.13 billion users of the internet worldwide in 2019. The figure represents over 50% of the world population. While the digital population continues to grow across the globe, internet availability and access differ significantly, especially for disabled persons. Consequently, Sanjeev Kumar is looking to change this narrative by liberating these special people with the Domain Accessibility Tool.

The new invention will give quality internet access and a unique browsing experience to a billion disabled people and more than 3 billion regional people. On the flip side, government and private websites will also get increase traffic and ultimate growth in their bottom line.

Web Accessibility Tool is user-friendly, liberating internet users from the bondage of the 1-language domain in a world of over 200 languages. It also ensures that disabled people that find it difficult to type are not restricted by the structure of alphabets that are away from each other on domain names.

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About Web Accessibility Tool

Web Accessibility Tool was founded by Sanjeev Kumar, an IT industry and research expert with more than two decades of experience. The Domain Accessibility tool was developed to increase the accessibility of website domains, allowing over 3 billion regional people and a billion disable users to enjoy an amazing internet browsing experience.

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