Israeli Physicist Offers a new Alternative Explanation for The Law of Gravity

“Reuven Nir”
Israeli Engineer Reuven Nir presents a new model of the particles and forces that make up everything we know about physics.

An engineer from Kibbutz Merchavia in Northern Israel, Reuven Nir has written a book that manages to challenge the most basic philosophical foundations of Einstein’s relativity theory and Newton’s “attraction force.”

Nir, who has participated in the creation of some of the most cutting-edge high tech Israeli innovations, has managed to present an ingenious alternative explanation to the forces that govern the universe by returning to some of the most basic philosophical questions that underpin modern physical theory.

According to Nir, the basic forces that govern our universe are not laws of attraction, but rather laws of repulsion. His book, Attraction – Secrets of Gravity outlines a theory that challenges our current understanding of physics by offering an educated alternative for analyzing scientific observations, and coming up with an entirely new explanation of the structure and motion of matter.

The main role of Attraction – Secrets of Gravity, which is carried out very successfully, is to undermine our basic concepts of existence and the universe. Still, the explanation given in the book to various phenomena is not only in accordance with physics, but it might even improve it through the discussion of the most fundamental cosmology and ontology and offer a true cognitive breakthrough.

The book is now available for purchase on amazon.

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