Is there a possible rebound in the Commodities Market Outlook in 2019?

Different factors the prices commodities including natural, political, and economic developments across the globe.The commodities market closed rather volatile in 2018, with the prices of the likes of gold and oil remaining more unstable. Like any other thing, making predictions in the commodities market can be particularly tricky, especially with the nature of the market and the various factors that affect the price movements in the market. However, below is a helpful insight on what should be expected in the commodities market in 2019.

Higher Oil Prices on the Horizon

The decrease in the oil exports of Venezuela, Libya, and Iran in 2018 and OPEC’s decision to cut supply by 1.2 million barrels a day from the start of 2019 have been predicted to lead to an increase in the prices of oil in 2019.

A seemingly great outlook for gold

Several factors led to the decline in the prices of gold in 2018, which included the trade war between China and the US, the recovery of the US dollar, and growing concerns about a weakening Chinese economy.

However, happenings such as the decline in US economic growth, the weakening dollar, and the Chinese Yuan having more room to move will lead to a rise in the prices of gold in 2019.

A Possible Recovery for Silver in 2019

Silver had a somewhat bad year in 2019 with prices declining by as much as 14%. Some of the reasons for this decline include the uncertainty surrounding the Chinese economy, the weakness of the Indian rupee against the US dollar, and the higher US dollar. However, silver seems to be on its way to a bullish run in 2019 due to the improvement of the Chinese economy and the anticipated weakening of the USD.

In addition to the commodities mentioned above, cocoa has been predicted to remain volatile in 2019 while the prices of coffee and natural have been predicted to rise in 2019.

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