Is Sarcasm the New Genre of Comedy?

Sarcasm develops through observation, making it thoughtful and artistic. Most of the time, the narrative observed has no comedic sense, but it is changed into a comical context, which is entirely reliant on an individual’s artistic or intelligent approach. This mixing up of a creative approach and context adds sharp wit and a flavor of honesty giving birth to a new form of comedy.

People throughout the world enjoy standup comedy, which has been around for a long time. Sarcasm in standup comedy, on the other hand, has swept the industry off its feet. When this new genre was originally incorporated into traditional comedy, everyone was enthralled by it. Although not everyone was able to successfully integrate this type of comedic routine into their standup shows, there were a lot who did a fantastic job. While talking about one of the finest users of sarcasm in standup comedy, there is no way we can miss out on Janet Roth (@thejanetroth), a Ukrainian actress turned standup comic. 

Janet began her career at the age of eight when she was a cast member in Goethe’s Walpurgis Night, and acting has been her love ever since. Roth immigrated to the United States when she was a teenager and worked with several different acting coaches. She discovered her ability for standup comedy as a result of a series of life-altering circumstances. She was a performer who knew what she was doing and her snarky jokes were a hit among crowds from all phases of life. Janet is fluent in German, Ukrainian, and Russian, and she enjoys acting in a variety of accents while the public loves the way she pulls off various accents. 

“I am a bit lucky being in a way I am a trans-actor,” she stated during one of her presentations, adding, “I trans-late in the morning and I am a voice-over actress in the afternoon.” Furthermore, when asked how she got into standup, Janet stated, “Eventually it was something unforeseen.” She believed that to comprehend other people, she needed to interact with more individuals. Janet Roth’s YouTube account ( has all of her standups. She also hosts a show called “Janet Roth: Extremely Analytical” on Amazon Prime, in which she discusses marriage, millennial dating, living in Los Angeles, and a variety of other topics. Her two of the most famous theatrical appearances include Francoise Gilot as one of Picasso’s wives and a Bosnian woman who survived rape and war as Vagina Monologues.

Many people become stars by doing just what everyone is doing. However, the difference between traditional performers and legendary artists is that the latter doesn’t play the game by rules, they bring in their own. In modern times like these when comedy has merged with various other art forms, some people keep on trying to mix up different things to come up with something new and everlasting. 

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